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  1. Hi mackem67 This came out last Friday on gov.uk - hope it can help. https://www.gov.uk/cma-cases/covid-19-cancellations-package-holidays Be interesting to know if this actually works
  2. Hi dk100uk, have cut and paste the conclusion below: 'The appellant states that the operator has provided no evidence to confirm that they have landowner authority to issue the PCN. Section 7.1 of the BPA Code of Practice states: “If you do not own the land on which you are carrying out parking management, you must have the written authorisation of the landowner (or their appointed agent)”. Section 7.3 continues: “7.3 The written authorisation must also set out: a the definition of the land on which you may operate, so that the boundaries of the land can be clearly defined b a
  3. Hi everyone, just to let you know that I was successful in winning my appeal at POPLA in October. It has been very stressful and really affected me to the point that the whole thing made me unwell. Thank you all for your help and assistance.
  4. Hi, if I don't bring this to an end, how will not doing anything stop them from putting more PCNs on my car in the future as I live in the close?
  5. Hi dx100uk Thanks for your quick reply but I still need to reply to POPLA based on the their defence to having a contract with them.
  6. Hi, an update on my POPLA appeal. PEA have uploaded 3 documents as evidence. One document was full of pictures of my car and their signs. They have produced a contract commencing in 2013 but it is in the name of my current landlord who did not exist until this year. They have also stated that I have breached their contract not to have displayed a permit as their sign instructs. How do I proceed with regard to the contract as I do not believe that this contract was always in place as they were not seen for over 1 year? Any info will be helpful as I have 7 days to r
  7. Hi, still trying to put my appeal together for POPLA and found a PSC07 filed by PEA Parking on Companies House stating that Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems Ltd ceased to be a person with significant control in December 2016. Does this mean that PEA was running 2 companies at the same time and could use both names. Some of their annual returns name Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems Ltd holding 1 Ordinary Share Capital. Does this make them the actual 'owner' of the company? If so, what name should they be using when they tender for contracts? They also have a registered
  8. Thanks everyone for your info. Found my tenancy agreement which states: 'Parking and roadways (i) Not to block local roadways, and other vehicular access, and to keep them, and car parking spaces clear of unroadworthy and unlicensed vehicles and other obstructions. (ii) Where the property is an estate not to park any commercial vehicle licensed to carry loads above 7 hundredweight without the written consent of the Trust' When everyone first moved into the development, the development project manager told all the residents that we had been allocated a bay each but the numbers
  9. Hi ericsbrother, I had already tried contacting the HA and still waiting for various departments to call me back - nothing on their website either. See pictures attached - no times are mentioned on notices either.
  10. Hi Honeybee13, yes there are. Sorry for delay in replying but have been trying to contact HA with no luck
  11. Thank you for your reply dk100uk, will read up post in link. Also curious, as I pay service charges for the maintenance of the car park to my landlord, do I not also have a contract to be able to park outside my house?
  12. Hi, I would greatly appreciate some assistance with this parking issue. Apologies that this is a bit long – have tried to summarise it. I live in a cul-de-sac (close) and until a few years ago the local authority tried to CPZ the close but found that it was private land belonging to my housing association. It is a small close with bays that residents park in. The local authority persuaded my housing association to get a private parking contractor which caused an almighty confusion between the residents and the housing association. To cut a long story short, PEA Parking got
  13. Hi Elsa Sorry but had to catch up on some other urgent bits. My face is glum because this is the third fight I've had with CL and HC over the past couple of years. I've actually had to face their solicitor who tries to intimidate you into settling before you go into the room and it is very distressing overall, to the point that you do not wish to be in the court process in the first place. the court have confirmed that the case has been discontinued in writing. Meantime, I've had to complain to FOS again and SAR about both companies, I hope they are disgusted with thems
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