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  1. Hi thank you for replies! The company accountant dealt with everything regarding the company, as I have tried to explain on more than one occassion I contacted the bankby phone to discuss the matter but it was about 4-5weeks after they received notification of the Company closing that finally someone spoke to me. This is only my opinion but Lloyds should take some responsibilty in the handling of the account. Q
  2. Hi thank you for your reply, I will send a SAR request to LLoyds and take it from there. The Company was dissolved via voluntary striking off. Regards Q
  3. OK i've down loaded file from Companies House,what should I be looking for? Regards Q
  4. Thank you for your time, Yes I was a director but basically that was all it was, I had no dealings with any issues of the Company my ex tool control and it wasn't until she resigned that I have had to try and pick up the pieces. The company is now disolved but I will look on companies house site. Regards Q
  5. Hi that might prove difficult as firstly I haven't a clue what this is and secondly, according to Lloyds they say they have not record of my ex partner resigning although she stated that she had a copy of her resignation stamped when she took it to Lloyds Branch. Regards Q
  6. Hi Thank you so much Regards Q
  7. Hi thank you for reply. I dont know wre to start, it seems such a mess, and I know I am in a blind panic. I do hope you can point me in the right direction! The Company was Ltd and I was a director. I did post a thread regarding this - Lloyds - Iqor which gives much of the info, if you require I can copy this onto this thread. There are 3 debts Lloyds Business Account MBNA CC which is in default EGG CC which I have received solicitor lettter Any advice would be most welome Regards Q
  8. Hi thank you for reply, sorry but can you pleas explain how I send a PM? Regards Q
  9. Hi thank you for your reply. The debt is an EGG CC which was taken out Jan 2010. Which due to personal circumstances I have been unable to make any payments. This debt is just one of three. Other debts are MBNA CC Lloyds Business Account (Co now closed) Lloyds Business CC Regards Q
  10. Hi ims thank you....some thing else to worry about. Regards Q
  11. Hi What a week......DCA chasing me left right and center. I have had some sound advise so far but I am a little confused about this. I have received a letter from Incasso, stating that they are solicitors who have been contacted by UK Search Ltd in relation to a debt I have with an EGG CC. I've searched Incasso and I can only find them as DCA. No menition of solicitors. Should I respond?? Regards Q
  12. Thank you so much ims. Regards Q
  13. Hi ims I do have some paper work which I have been looking at. I am unfamiliar with legalities but it does look as if the OD was on a yearly review and the guarantee was signed by both parties for a total sum. But surely if a director resigns then that guarantee is void and the remaining director would have to take out the guarantee on their own. Which as explained I tried but could not reach my business manager and it wasn't until about a month after the Co was closed that finally someone from Lloyds spoke to me. Regards ex I have asked for a copy but never received it!! communication has now broken down Not sure which way to turn now as I have no assets, the property was sold which just covered the outstanding mortgage, I am in rented accommodation. Regards Quell
  14. Hi forgot to add, my ex told me that she handed the resignation letter to the business manager 'that has since left', she states she has a copy of this with the banks official stamp on. I have not seen this, and according to the manager that took over the Co account there is no letter on file, but saying that there is no record of a meeting both directors had with the said business manager. Any help no matter how little is very much appreciated. Regards Quell
  15. Hi ims Thank you for reply, what paper work would be helpful? Unfortunately I know very little about these matters as my ex partner dealt with everything, but have been left to sort out affairs!! Regards Quell
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