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  1. I will post an answer as soon I have found those documents as I need to go to that flat. Thanks for your help.
  2. Yes, they are not sure whether the court will suspend the warrant even if i paid off the arrears as there would be no guarantee of regular payments cos my mums away, they also said that the court could treat the property as abandoned and you can not have a council property if you have somewhere else to live. I though i could get a medical statement for that. Im still unsure if they would suspend it even if I guaranteed to pay for the property as I may not be able to speak to the court as Im not my mum :/
  3. Order has been made on discretionary grounds and court ordered to give the possession and pay the debt off + court costs.
  4. I rung the council this morning and they said they are saying that the no longer suspend the evictions and that my mother would need to apply herself. So is it the N244 form? and is it worth doing all that? Will I be able to appear at the court for her? Many thanks once again.
  5. Hi thanks for your reply, do I have to fill the N244 form in and attend or will I not be allowed to? Can I fill it in now or should I wait till I have paid it off? Thanks.
  6. Hello and thanks for reading my post. Im in a situation where my mother had to go back to spain for another medical treatment and she has been gone for the last 4 months and since we do not live together I do not normally go to her house. Now it turned out that the house has not been paid for since she has left and yesterday I found 2 letters posted through her letterbox. One of them is Possesion Order and the other is a Notice of Eviction which is supposed to take place on the 4th of August. Now I can clear all the arrears of £1700 this week but Im not sure if I should empty my pocket completely for another 3 months if she is to loose the house anyway. The Notice of Eviction mentiones that she could apply for a suspension of eviction but Im not sure whether I would be able to do it for her since I have not lived with her for 30 years. Any help will be much appreciated.
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