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  1. I had word back from Persimmons. They have changed their tune and decided to send a roofer around, who has now confirmed it's not them who are at fault Reason: Due to the Solar Panel being a different type, and because we moved into Phase 1, the panels have since changed and Persimmons roofers fit them the Roofer has now reported back to Persimmons, and they in turn have got in touch with the Solar company, and we are now waiting on the next step I think the Email which I sent them had kicked them into gear... I sent 'if there was to be a fire in the loft (water and elec don't mix) and an investigation team find its the way the panels were fitted, then it's not going to look good for them!
  2. Seems we have around 4-5 people now with the same issues. Going to contact the company on Monday morning who fitted the Panels, and take it from there. See if we can get them back to do a survey I’ll update here once I’ve found out
  3. It’s in writing what another household just sent me, we have a Facebook Page for our new build site. I spoke with one of the guys who previously spoke about an issue a roofer noticed. it looks to me like it may be what is wrong, it the flashing is fitted under and not over, I presume this is where the water is getting in.
  4. I spoke with one of the guys who had an issue on their panel, and this was his reply “We had moved into the house and some weeks later there were guys installing the roof and solar panels on the new build across the road. I saw one of the solar installers looking over at our roof shaking his head. At his lunch break he came to my door and told me the flashing kit for the solar panels had been installed upside down with the upper section overlap going under rather than over the lower part. I called persimmons and in a first the site manager came straight down and the roofer showed him what was wrong. They came back days later and ripped out the old flashing and installed a new one, the correct way around”
  5. As always, thank you BankFodder for your reply. Ok so from a new build we have 6 years to report an issue, and that 2 years which Persimmons offer, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on? The other people in the estate aren’t on here, but I will convey anything which we have talked about to them. Yes I have also thought that due to other people having the same issue then it’s better in numbers because it’s not a “one off” so to speak, but you say a more scatter approach would be better? Are my statutory rights the same as buying a TV for example, if the TV develops a fault after 2 years then it’s not fit for purpose as it should in theory last a much longer? I have not had an independent survey done, I’m going to find out who once I’ve heard back from Persimmons
  6. Hi Guys, We moved into a Persimmons new build around 26/02/2018, and like any other new builds we had plenty of snags to deal with. Persimmons we’re actually pretty good and rectified them all and did their best with all their available trades. During this time we had a 2 year warranty to help us rectify anything. Now forward to a few months ago, we have spotted brown patches on our 4th bedroom ceiling, right below where the solar panels are fitted on the exterior of our front roof. I went up to the left a few months ago and was able to see exactly where the water was coming in from, we lay an old car boot liner on the insulation to catch any further drops of water during rain spells. We’ve been told a few other people have had their Solar Panels checked and apparently either the panels were fitted incorrectly or the flashing was fitted upside down. I immediately got the ball rolling and contacted Persimmons, but they have turned us away, saying the 2 year warranty ended 26/02/2020, and directed us to the 10 year building warranty, we don’t want to touch that because ‘Premier’ want a £1000 excess to be paid first, but why should we when it’s not our fault. I presume the first things first and find out if the panels are indeed fitted incorrectly, if this is proven, do we have a leg to stand on and get Persimmons to rectify the issues as the fault lies when it was fitted on build date? Any companies who do independent surveys on solar panels?
  7. Good idea, and yes will ensure I have confirmed Email stating that Just found their Terms https://www.swanswaygarages.com/site/terms-and-conditions/
  8. I’m sure it will be fine, it’s just their sales tactics which are pushy due to commission. just thought it was a bit harsh never say never tho…
  9. It’s an actual Audi Dealership in England, and yes buying a used Q7 2018 Distance is around 300 miles, if anything goes wrong Audi provide 1 year used and approved warranty, which can be sorted if anything goes wrong at any Dealership. So distance is not a worry when trying to get things sorted, if that happens.
  10. The £500 deposit will be paid by either a credit card or debit card as I live in Scotland, and the car is in England
  11. Thanks BankFodder, I will ensure an email is replied, from them, stating confirmation it’s part payment towards the car. If I do change my mind, and the payment was towards the car, what would be the process in claiming back the £500 paid on either a Debit Card or Credit Card? Do I just contact my card company and ask for a chargeback? Nope not yet, but I will do
  12. Hi Guys, We live in Scotland and have seen a nice Q7 in England, but the Sales guys has replied back saying they need a 'Non Refundable £500 deposit’ to hold the car so none of the other sales reps gets their hands on it. I haven’t seen any videos of the car yet as it’s still being prepped, but the details have been uploaded on the Audi website (but with no picture). Quote from Audi Sales in Email: 'We don’t have any refundable deposits taken unfortunately any deposit we take is to buy the car & therefore non-refundable' and 'We have two options either wait until I can get the video & risk having a colleague of mine sell the car or place a deposit to purchase the vehicle of £500. The only way this £500 would be returned is if the car is mis described' Now having spoken to my pal who works for Audi in Scotland, he said this "is Illegal" and Audi can't keep a £500 deposit, "they can't keep a deposit if a customer changes their mind". I also did call Audi Office, and they advised that’s due to all the dealerships being franchise, they can basically make up their own terms… Why the hell are Audi doing this, and are they breaking the law? Do I have rights with distance selling regulations, and if I pay the £500 deposit on Credit Card, will the CC company take my side even though the transaction wasn’t fraudulent if we decide to change our mind so we have cover? Thanks all
  13. Hello everyone, I am presently working for an Offshore company, which is based in Denmark, but I am working in Holland (LOA and Contract is Danish) The company has just recently made around 200-300 Offshore redundancies and about 170 Onshore, to balance the books, and due to Rigs being stacked and contracts not being renewed. We (our Rig) is fine just now due to a lot of ongoing work with the Dutch Client, so nothing will happen with us until at least the start if 2021 if anything. Our work schedule has our Rig fully manned till that time, but...never say never and I am really worried about my Mortgage and Loan Payments should the start of 2021 display the signs of bad things to come. A few years ago I was working for the same company, but my Contract / LOA was through Guernsey and paying UK Tax and Social Security. During that time I was able to pay into an Income Protection Insurance plan, this covered my Mortgage, Loan and Credit Cards should the need arise due to redundancy for a period of 12 months only, which I thought was a fantastic safety net should it be required. As I’m now not paying into the UK Tax system, and working in Holland but still living in the UK, would anyone know of an Insurance Company which would cover me? May be a shot in the dark, but thought I would try on here for advise and hope. Forgot to mention: ‘Are there any Insurance Companies anyone has used that don’t care if you pay into the UK Tax Economy but as long as you are a UK Resident? Hope everyone is starting safe, and thanks.
  14. Hi guys, Story goes, Back in December 2016 I called up the body which were dealing with the transaction move from CSA to the the 'Child Maintenance Service' questions, what they told me then led me to call the CSA From 21 Oct 2015 I was officially out of the UK and not contributing to the Tax system as I was now working in Denmark. I was still paying the same assessed money as I was told to until I called up about the above proceeding move between the 2 companies. The agent from the CSA told me because I was now working out of the UK and getting paid from Guernsey there would be a NIL assessment because they could not assess what payments I should making. So in theory I was still paying their calculation for around 14 months, which I didn't need to do, but this doesn't bother me, I was still contributing to my child and taking the responsible thing to do. Now during all these years I have always, when calling CSA, asked them to clearly check and confirm what I was paying was correct and everything was up to date, I never missed one payment and always kept to the agreed standing order for all the years. I also received a few statements of what I had paid and my future payments dates. There was a time previous that they did an assessment on me as I returned back into the UK a good few years ago and I had arrears to pay off which I did at £410 and then once they were paid off I then started to pay £310. This was all calculated out for me and I have the documents in my folder of all the breakdowns and payment structure When I called up in December she told me that as of December I would not have to pay anything due to the Nil assessment (working in DK) but I told her I would still like to keep paying, which I am doing straight into her account, the mother agreed and sent her bank details to the CSA which were then fwd onto me, payments are still going smooth. (I also have a letter from the Child Support which stating I am due £0.00 from December) Until yesterday, I came home to a letter from the CSA demanding over £1000, they state in the letter (attached) "we transferred the money to the Secretary of State, rather than the parent with care" Has anyone else experienced this and due to their blunder (I presume), they don't even send a break down of where this money is due from dates etc, it's like someone coming to my front door and saying, "Sorry buy you're due me £1000, pay up now!" Please can anyone help? I'm thinking of writing a letter back explaining all the conversations I had with previous agents asking for a confirmation of balance and the fact I have have it in B&W I was due £0 from December, how can they now go back? I am also thinking of visiting my Solicitor regarding this, just mad that this should have all been taken care of CSA just makes my head boil !! CSA DEMAND 2.pdf
  15. Hello all, wonder if someone could answer my query below I'm now currently working in Denmark but still reside in Scotland, my payroll is in Guernsey and now as I work in DK, I no longer pay U.K Tax (I pay Danish tax and Social Security) Will my circumstances change with payments with the UK Child Support or will they stay the same?
  16. Yes will be employing an accountant next month to fill in my self assessment I've already done the calculation on the .gov website and they are due me around £3115 Every time I call them I'm speaking to a monkey, I have however managed to speak to the back office twice now The last guy I spoke to Gareth from the back office said that he would make the calculation and send the cheque out and all I needed to do was write on the self assessment that I 'had received the refund' Lo and behold I've called back earlier today and the first monkey I spoke to said there is absolutely no notes on the account to say that I spoke to Gareth then tonight I called again, spoke to Jack and he told me Gareth has notes on there stating that he has 'sent off R40 to be logged and and captured, processed..... Arghhhhh!! Checked the web and the R40 is claiming back tax for savings...what the hell are these guys on working at the HMRC? Think this has been going on far too long now and I'm just really sick fed up! But it's been going on for that long I feel like I need to fight this to the end lol
  17. Hi guys Just on to ask a small question regarding a shopacheck account which I had I opened this up in May 2009 and continued to make payments til July 2009 and the collections lady didn't come back and to behonest I completely forgot about that account as I had other things on my mind. So from July 2009 to November 2010 I heard and my report shows 6 payments late a good few times, then the collections lady gets in contact with me and states that I have to start making token payments if I can't make the whole amount, which I couldn't at the time because I was on slow paid job. It was originally £75 so I agreed with the manager of he company to make £20 installments. Yes I should have kept the money aside but didn't know what was happening, can they keep the count non defaulted for so long? How long can a company keep an account not defaulted? I have complained to the Equifax and they replied stating rhat it's in their T&C's that payments should have been made regardless if the collector didn't turn up? The account was finally settled in October of 2012 but it will be the only debt on my report which doesn't drop off till 2018
  18. Hi Guys, Been having a bit of a nightmare at them moment regarding claiming my Tax back which I have overpaid. I was working in the UK up until 20 October 2015 last year and we then had to move across to Denmark (but I still live in UK) Anyway, a few of the guys have all filled in their P85 form and some have received a cheque already with their over payment within a few weeks. I'm having a lot of trouble and they state because of the information I have provided I need to do a self assessment in April. I then managed to get a copy of my friends whom I work with and I copied it exactly but in Year 1,2 and 3 I wrote 220 days I would spend in the UK, when I should have put what he wrote which was 252. No idea why that matters which is strange? but I sent it off to them again which they said I could and again they sent me a letter saying because of the info I have provided. So I then sent in a third with the years at 252 instead of the 220. Anyway speaking to the HMRC is difficult at times but they have now created a work item and hopefully this gets pushed to the back office but they have said it can take up to 5 days for them to get in touch regarding the form Has anyone else had these issues when trying to claim an over payment of tax back? I have already been on the .gov website and worked out how much tax I should be due but if this all fails again then I'll just have to do the self assessment in April and hopefully then the HMRC see that I am due money back. How easy is a self ass form to fill in? I have never done this before but I'm actually considering speaking to an accountant and seeing how much they charge, I'm from East coast Scotland beside Dundee so hopefully maybe around £2-300
  19. EX2103 - Do you have proof of all your payments towards her from the start? That would hold up high in a court of law because that would also prove she is a liar
  20. Indeed it is and should drop off my account completely after June this year Send Optima the SB letter or Cabot?
  21. Hi guys, letter attached for ref I was keeping my head low but I've just received a letter through the door from Optima Legal chasing for an outstanding Vanquis Credit Card debt from just under 5 years ago. I have looked at my Equifax report and Cabot has disappeared but it's still available on Noddle, I checked when the account was defaulted and it states 31/07/2009 but Noddle states the amounts start from July 2010 which is weird, maybe just when it was updated with Noddle I suppose! Account type - Credit Card Account number - ********5312 0 Account start date - 04/10/2007 Opening balance - £ 613 Repayment frequency - Monthly Date of default - 31/07/2009 Default balance - £ 613 Last time I made contact with them was June 2009 explaining that I was taking my debts to a debt consolidation company, I can't think and hope I didn't send a letter which I never recorded at a later time. Who is Optima? are they the sort of people to issue CCJ's etc?
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