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  1. Yes a CQ70 Pesario. I've sent an email to COMPAQ complaints. Lets see (1) if I get a reply therefore acknowledgement of all these complaints in the forum past and present (2) see if they (or HP now) are prepared for a redesign that will impact the users instead of the quick profit gurus. One can but try! If they are not aware they wont do anything will they - so I've told them now. Thanks for the heads up re: the clogging of the fan too. Not had to do that yet but system restore yes. everything fine now except for the heattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
  2. Well time moves on and Compaq laptops are STILL overheating or get uncomfortably hot - too hot for anyone's lap. its now 2011 and my daughter and i each have a compaq laptop and hers closes off when it overheats whereas mine gets hot and hotter!!! It gets so hot i can't stand it on my lap anylonger so i tip it onto its side on the bed and lie down to watch programmes etc. Typing is do-able but difficult. As for using it only on a hard surface - ITS SOLD AND BOUGHT (in good faith) AS A LAPTOP - if i wanted to use it on a hard top eg table or desk i would have bought a desktop PC. But when i want to use it on the train, in the cafe, park or backseat of the car a PC is heavy to carry!!!! A Laptop should never head out to burn peoples legs!! Compaq should seriously think a redesign of the fan, battery and charger system - cooling them down - (the charger gets hot too).
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