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  1. I recieved a letter today off macenzie hall telling me they wanted to contact me regarding some issues and to ring them straight away. After doing a bit of reasearch i discovered they are debt collection agency specialising in old debts. If have had a look at my experian credit report and there is nothing showing outstanding so i cant understand it. In the dim and dismall past i did gt a ccj but that was satisfied many years ago and there is no trace of it on my report. Do different credit score companies have different info on you? Would equifax have something that experian didnt?
  2. I had same problem so i applied for capital one card,had really poor credit score as well,they give you £200 limit so cant do much damage to it. Also by using it every month and paying it off in full it somehow improved my creditscore.
  3. bluemoo2

    Court fees

    Submitted N1 to local court today ,anyone know what current court date waiting time is roughly?
  4. Submitted n1 at local court today.....anyone know what the current court date waiting time is about? SORRY POSTED IN WRONG TOPIC
  5. That sounds a bit high....my charges goin back to 2001 are £1200,interest is £300....daily rate works out at 26p day I might be wrong im goin back to check them
  6. bluemoo2

    Court fees

    Good idea Thanks:)
  7. bluemoo2

    Court fees

    I would then have to pay 2 x court costs
  8. bluemoo2

    Court fees

    Filing my N1 form tomorrow with the local court,i am after a bit of advice. My total claim is for £1205.50 plus interest of £319...totalling £1524.73 I understand that the court fee is £120 and that there is a cost for the AQ of £100 if the amount claimed is over £1500. Heres my dim question....is the £1500 threshold for AQ fees including the £120 court fee that i will be claiming back or is the threshold purely for the monies owed' If i lose a thirty pound charge off my schedule then my total charges will be less than the £1500 and so i will not have to pay the extra £100 as cash is a bit tight at the moment. Hope this makes sense
  9. From what ive read on here.....you are supposed to provide both abbey and the courts with full schedule of charges when court give you a case no Dont forget to give the phone no so they can contact you with an offer at 11th hour
  10. just filing with mcol....straight forward but for one question that is it asks... Do you want to reserve the right to claim interest? take it i tick yes to this...is this correct..lynn Yes No
  11. thanks louis...getting bit exciting now
  12. Im just a few days off end of 14 day deadline for full refund of my charges,i am just preparing to file a claim on moneyclaim. I just want to make sure about something before i go ahead.I recieved a goodwill payment of £380 against a claim of over £1500 and i sent them a letter accepting partial payment against full refund. When i prepare my claim i obviously deduct this partial payment from the full amount but which charges do i remove off my spreadsheet?? I was thinking of using the partial refund to remove my most recent charges....would this be correct?? thanks lynn
  13. Check you bank account they might of put the 50% offer into your account without telling you....they put £380 into mine the day they got my lba letter I also got £10 fee repaid for statements and £30 compensation for delay in statements arriving. I used the i have mortgage and insurance policies with you and you need 4 months to send statements arguement. ive just sent letter saying if you want to offer me 95% i will accept to save time and your money on costs......few lads at work had good results with this
  14. Just checked my account and abbey have put £380 into my account without me knowing about it...am i right to assume that this is a goodwill payment and that i should expect a letter in the next couple of days,my claim is for £1580 should i also send letter back thanking them for offer and state that i will take it as partial payment of full amount lynn
  15. I a now at the end of abbeys first 14 days to respond to my demand for my charges refunded and today i recuieved a phone call from the complaints dept regarding my missing statements(which turned up 3 weeks ago) He apologised and said that they were overwhelmed with demands for statements,he also refunded my £10 and gave me £30 as an apology for the delay. To be honest he seemed a top bloke and told me to continue with my claim and that he was confident the matter would be resolved but due to the back log of cases to be patient as they were dealing with the cases that have been issued a court date first. so there may be some abbey staff that are sympathetic afterall. LBA SENT TODAY
  16. mackay sent non compliance letter by rec delivery on thursday and on tues morning the missing 4 years of statements turned up!!!!!!!!! just worked out charges...£1840....so sent prelim approach this morning asking for MY money back lynn
  17. HI When sending the prelim approach you must allow 14 calender days for response,but what about christmas period as the monday and tues are both bank hols should you give the abbey a couple of extra days or not?? lynn
  18. sent abbey non comkpliance letter recorded del on wednesday......and today my missing statements turned up.......im in shock it just shows that you shouldnt just settle with getting fobbed off on phone.....send that letter
  19. thanks again totally enlightened lynn
  20. cheers for speedy reply mumofthree so if i put each charge into interest calculator seperatley and note down the interest charged on each charge,add them all up..then this is the total interest?? slightly less confused lynn
  21. sorry but this might seem a caft question but i am a bit confused!! i have been readind the FAQ section and the step by step guide. at stage 2 you send the prelim approach for payment using the template letter...in this letter it says ...."..What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX but then in the step by step guide at step 2 it says...".Enclose a schedule detailing the charges you are claiming, but do NOT include the 8% interest on the schedule yet" so if you dont add the interest at this point what do you put in the interest amount box?? or do you just delete that bit from letter?? cheers confused lynn
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