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  1. Thanks Cerberusalert , I have found the N244 form and looked over it but I will need some help on completing it,I'm not sure what boxes to tick or how to answer some of the questions, from 3 to 10 and when it says witness statement Is it sufficent to say that I am now living abroad and was not in the uk when they issued proceedings,and that I have never even heard of or had any type of account/transactions with a company named Cabot,do I need to prove that I am living abroad,if so how is the best way to do that. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi just need a little advice on what to do,A company named Cabot have managed to get a ccj against me,whilst I have been living abroad,the first I heard about it was when they where trying to get a charging order on the property I own in UK which I haven't lived in for a year,I have never even heard of Cabot before, I managed to get the hearing adjourned but I now need to get the ccj set aside,and not too sure what to do,should I contact the solicitor acting for Cabot,or just apply to the court to have it set aside,and on what grounds? Is it enough that I wasn't living in uk when they issued t
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