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  1. Hi I too am in same situation as you! I have been on ESA for 8 weeks and awaiting the next correspondence from them! Good Luck
  2. I thought the maximum allowed break between qualifying benefits was no more than 28 days..Am I wrong in thinking this?
  3. Hi Ell-enn. I have not rang them.but did send everything recorded delivery.
  4. Yes the amount is £26.04 per week.when the DWP rang to tell me they hadn't worked it out per calender month,which is,as you say approx £112.00. Rental is going to be round about the same moneywise. Thats why I attend at least 2 job interviews per week and apply for dozens.I could give my home up and get a private rent,paid for by the council(also they pay the bond)I have no wish to do so.The mind boggles,as private rent are approx.£450 per month.So the state would be paying more!..I will keep jobhunting..
  5. Hi Its me again.I have received a phone call last week from optima legal services cc chelsea building society.They have said if I can send them the letter from theDWP with relevant information as to how much and when they are making a payment,they will stop the eviction as long as I make up the shortfall amount.I sent it recorded delivery last tuesday(15th) and have not heard anything from them.Am I right to request in writing what was told to me by Optima? i.e The eviction would be stopped if I complied with this request? Thanks..Heather..ps.. shortfall amount is one months payment.
  6. Yes I know they pay interest only.but my mortgage payments are interest only due to my losing my job.they are only paying for £37000 and mortgage is for £63000. Only so much they will allow for home improvements.Ah well shouldnt have tried to update my home and lived in it as it was..so much for bettering yourself. £26.04 per week..laughable.
  7. Well here goes,the lady from DWP rang me and went through the form with me(as they havent received it) she took all the details of my home improvements,then rang me back to say they will only pay £37000 of payments as my mortgage stands at £63000 this works out at £104.00 per month.She said I can appeal against this and will send me the relevant forms to do so.My remortgage was spent on massive home improvements that the DWP do not recognise apparently.While I am grateful for any help my mortgage payment is £370.00 per month plus £50 off the arrears.Can this be the case? please advise.many tha
  8. Found out that my original mortgage company is now called Paratus ltd.Rang them and the wonderful lady traced my account from 9 years ago(with no roll number for reference) and has give me a final figure.Rang DWP and awaiting a return call from the woman dealing with my case..phew.. been on phone all day it seems. Wonder why they need all this information as to why Ive remortgaged and what improvements Ive made to my home?..they certainly make you work hard for any help they may or may not give you..
  9. Hi The lady from the MIR dept.At DWP has rang to ask if I have the information from my original company that I mortgaged with.The company in question no longer exists (GMAC) So the only information I have is from the Halifax.I cant retrieve original letters from the original mortgage as it was in 1999 and all paperwork has gone.WHAT CAN i DO?...
  10. Hello I have rang DWP who have not received the information I sent that they requested..deep breath..However,the lady from the MIR dept. of the DWP told me she will ring me tomorrow(thurs) and talk me through the form and fill it in as I have an eviction notice and needed a speedy solution to this.They need itemised details of what improvements I made to my home(with receipts) when I remortgaged.Which was 6years ago..I will post the outcome of the phone call.Thanks for listening..
  11. I have rang and been on hold for 25 minutes my phone credit ran out.there is no free phone number for them.I will go down first thing and yes i have copy of the form and will send it recorded in morning. Please tell me this wont happen..feel like dying.
  12. The information they asked for was after they had received the form MI12.They asked for what I had used the remortgage money for in 2005.Such as what work and improvements I had made.they wanted receipts for the work done.I supplied all the information but had no receipts as the work was done over 6 years ago.I didnt send recorded delivery.I am making a payment tomorrow when my son comes home on leave.He gets paid end of the month
  13. yes i have chased them.they havent received the further information that i sent them..cant stop shaking and crying..please tell me that this wont happen i have nobody to turn to.
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