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  1. The first thing is not to worry about clause (2) - that protects you as you are the transferor (or one of them) from action by anyone as a result of any breach of a covenant by your ex after the date of the transfer. If there is a mortgage then the lender should be joining in as a party, and signing/executing the transfer to give their consent to it. Are they are party to it also? Really the transfer should also contain a covenant by your ex to observe the terms of the original mortgage and the lender should be releasing you from your obligations pursuant to it. That is how a transfer of
  2. Thanks everyone. Yes there is a redirection on but nothing has been sent. It may have gone to the old address in the period when there wasn't a redirection in place but either way the bailiff knows that they have not served anything at this address. They are trying to enforce a warrant they know he hasn't had which I don't think they are allowed to do. He hasn't got a new car as all three cars are in my name as it makes the insurance cheaper. I'll see what happens and may just ask the local authority to take it back and I'll pay the original charge. Thanks again guys.
  3. Dear Caggers Sorry to be asking for advice again. OH received a letter from B&S at the end of last week (dated 8th August) with usual stuff about levying goods etc. It's for an unpaid PCN from last November just before we moved house. OH recalls vaguely that he had the ticket for overstaying in a council car park (by ten minutes) but owing to move and my ill health at the time (stroke) overlooked it and subsequently sold the car just before we moved. No further correspondence has ever been received by him until last week. He rang TEC today and filled out their out of time a
  4. Thanks for that. I'll write and see what happens. TBH I'd be happy just getting some of the money back although he clearly hadn't bothered to check it was working. They wouldn't have got it done any cheaper as the reconditioned motor is £300 in itself and if a SAAB garage did it would probably charge upwards of £1000 as they have a special calibrator for the roof. I'll let you know what happens but thanks for the advice which I'll certainly remember in the future.
  5. Thanks. The only problem is that it's already being repaired at the garage. Expect to get it back early next week. It hadn't crossed my mind to go back to the dealer until I was reading stuff on this site and realised that they should have rectified it particularly as my purchase was based upon a misrepresentation that the mechanism needed a bit of oil. I should in hindsight have asked them to 'oil' it and then see what happened when it wouldn't work. I usually buy cars privately so not used to having rights to send them back. Once I get the bill next week I am just tempted to send a copy
  6. Hello there After reading other posts I thought I might be able to get some of your splendid advice about this. I bought a Saab 900 convertible a couple of months ago from a dealer. The car was described in the usual way FSH, MOT, etc. Whilst it has a service history it is not complete but I'm not worried about that as I've had it serviced. Apart from a few issues the car had a reasonably clean bill of health from my local independent Saab specialist. When we viewed the car the roof would not operate properly. The tonneau (the bit that raises up near the boot where the roo
  7. Thanks everyone Just in the process of writing my letter to Lloyds. Does anyone have the necessary addresses to send for Current Account, Credit Card, Loan, or should the letters all go to one address? I tried ringing them to ask but they won't talk to me without name and account number and all sorts of other nonsense which, at this stqge, don't want to give them. Thanks OB
  8. Thanks. I suppose I can afford three quid instead of one.
  9. Many thanks everyone. With regard to the Bank they appear to be dealing with all three debts separately, i.e. different DCAs are writing about different amounts. Will I need to send three separate CCA requests or just one? Thanks.
  10. Many thanks for the form. I think best not to ignore really. I opened a different bank account a while ago and haven't used the indebted account for a long time.
  11. Last year the firm I worked for put me on part time, temporarily, and then dropped a load of poo on me by refusing to review the arrangement at the agreed time. This put me in financial difficulties as I was net £500 down per month. Consequently I had to stop paying credit card bills and a bank loan. The usual three calls a day started including to my place of work, home, and mobile.Within two months my caller display had clocked up over 500 calls between the two organisations. (One was an 01273 number if that is a clue). I put in a complaint to the Bank and the calls then stopped. Not l
  12. I think HC says you give way to traffic already on the roundabout which is not quite the same as giving way to the right. There are few roundabouts with Give Way markings on them. It may be, therefore, that he should have given way to you if you were already on the roundabout and he was driving to fast.
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