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  1. Hi , i got a letter from cabot about a debt which i didn't reconise so sent of a CCA request with no joy so fired off a account in dispute letter, i have just received this letter from them(see below) , am i right in thinking they are having trouble suppling required documents?? but they seem to still want money from me?? what are my next steps?? any advice would be much appreciated cabot1.pdf cabot2.pdf
  2. i only set up DD with 5 DCA's since feb 2010 but i've cancelled all payments and sent CCA requests , the first to reply was Lowell with the document i posted above, is that an enforsable CCA?? there was no other paperwork just that which looks like an application form??
  3. That is very interesting ... mmmmm .. i will see what the SAR produces as i have had nothing to do with any of my debts for at least 8 yrs !! and i have 8 accounts totaling 15k !! ill health was the main factor behind my debts and i moved house 3 times so they was unable to contact me until i applied for credit jan last year. Thankyou for your help this is going to be an interesting journey ...lol
  4. Thankyou for ya advice its much appreciated I will send an SAR then and see whats been added and then go on from there , i have about 6 debts with them so lots of letters to them me thinks ...lol
  5. hi... i don't have any statements what so ever i binned everything years ago, could this be statue barred or have i blown that by setting up a dd with them feb last year?? And also is the document they sent me an enforsable CCA ?? At present my financial situation is bleak so to get these cretins off my back would be a godsend!!
  6. Hi all... i'm currently having problems with Lowell regarding a Capital one account i opened in 2001 , they purchased the debt in 2006 and have been chasing me since , it got to a point last year i got so fed up i gave in to there constant phone calls and threatening letters and set up a DD with them , i know now that was pretty stupid without seeing proof and after coming across this site i have stopped payments and sent a CCA request then the follow up letter, a month or so has passed and they have now sent me what seems to be an Application Form for the credit card?? is this ok?? what do i
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