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  1. I have heard there currently taking around 12 weeks so I rung them and said that and asked it was true and she said yes 12-13 weeks but you never know if there telling the truth so was just wondering if any one had any personal experience with them.
  2. By victims I am guessing people are having trouble claiming from them?
  3. Hsbc ppi how long and how successful? Thread Stats Views: 113 WW Factor Coming Soon... Share This Thread: Hi everyone I'm new to this! Just wanted to here how people are getting on with Hsbc ppi claims and how long they are currently taking? is it the full 16 weeks? I first wrote to them in may and it's about a personal loan I took in 2005. I took it in branch and looking back I didn't need it as I could have took income protection for much cheaper as I got sick pay from work and also had life cover. The guy was also very pushy which is also in my complaint and of course d
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