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  1. Hi zara - welcome to the "special club"!! Well my husband rang again today and they said it's still processing so still none the wiser!!! It looks like claire and jw have been sorted although they are awaiting their paperwork. Keep us informed! Did u have many changes last year or is yours straightforward? X
  2. I'm going for an interview this afternoon so if I get the job I am not looking forward to ringing them incase it halts the renewal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my friends has actually stopped claiming tax credits because of the system and the fact that even if you keep them updated you still end up with an overpayment!
  3. How they work out payment is anyones guess!!!!!! Well no post again today for me. God knows what am gonna do with my time u know when this gets sorted lol. Let us know when u get your paperwork Claire - I bet it'll be next week some time. X
  4. Everything with tax credits seems to be taking so much longer this year! I sent my renewal off on 05/07 and still haven't heard anything! My husband called 2 weeks ago and was advised it was being "processed", that's the last we have heard. No change in payments and no post as yet!
  5. I have claimed tax credits for nearly 7 years and in previous years if you have an underpayment they pay it separately after renewal and then my weekly payments have altered slightly (a couple of £'s either way); your paperwork will probably follow within 7-10 days. I just find it really unnerving that it is taking soooo long when it hasn't done before. My payment on Monday was exactly the same as it has been for the last few months so either I am exactly right or it hasn't been dealt with?!?!? The waiting is absolutely killing me! Post hasn't been yet today but I religiously check my bank everyday and nothing has gone in (not that I am expecting an underpayment!). I will keep the thread going as like me, people may find this thread searching for answers about their own tax credits delay! I know mine has only been since 07/07 but that's over a month - it has NEVER taken this long! Do you mind me asking did you have a few changes to your circumstances last year?!? As I am wondering whether this effects the renewal i.e. if you have had changes in the previous year they are dealt with differently hence the reason it is taking so much longer?
  6. Had that for the past few years a random amount being put in my account. That will just mean that last year you were underpaid by £15.00 - your amount on thursday may be slightly more that normal and that will be your regular amount. Now I really am the last one standing lol! Glad its sorted for you! X
  7. I sent mine off on 05/07 and I think Claire sent hers in the week after - hers she said was straightforward. I did have a couple of changes towards the back of last year but they were notified straight away. The waiting an constant checking is bloody killing me. I daren't ring them but my husband called 2 wks ago and was told my renewal had been received and it was being "processed" - my worry is, why on earth is it taking so long?!?!?! Normally it's 48 hours. I am guessing it hasn't been dealt with as my payments haven't changed by even a penny. God could do without this stress!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhh!
  8. 100%!!!! That's what's happened each year with me - you'll get your paperwork in about 10 days. You've made me panic though now as mine was exactly the same this week so why has mine not been sorted?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I go on holiday next Weds so am hoping it's sorted before then as i'll be having withdrawal symptoms of not being able to check the post lol x
  9. Oh god JW11 - are you the same as me then? Checking the bank every morning and greeting the postman?????? Looks like Claire's is sorted now so just me and you then!!
  10. Claire surely that's gotta be good news?!?!?!?! I would say that it means your renewal has been dealt with and you are now getting an extra £5.07 per week!!!! If i was in your shoes I'd have been happy. You've now made me panic even more lol - why's mine taking even longer???????????????????
  11. They won't start a criminal investigation - please stop panicing (easier said then done I know). So you estimate you owe approx £37,000? Compose a letter advising you know what you have done and how wrong you've been - this is your opportunity to disclose all information before they find out. This will go in your favor. They aren't interested in imprisoning people - just getting their money back. You aren't alone Zaira an you aren't the first and I'm sure not the last. The system has made it too easy especially when everyone is struggling for money. Hugs x
  12. Is the £600 pm that you have been claiming the childcare element or is that the total amount you receive in payments per month (i.e. childcare, child tax & working tax credits). Like has been said before, you need to state your case in *writing* before 15/08 and to give full disclosure. Personally, I wouldn't have thought a solicitor was necessary at this stage but there are obviously people who know more about these matters than me.
  13. You need to make sure you respond by the 15th August as if you fail they will contact the childminder they have on record (if they haven't already). It is far better for you to own up and give "full disclosure" than them find out through their investigations. You say that you have received £600 per month, was that solely your childcare element or was that you tax credits / working tax credits also? The tax credit system has made it so easy for normal, everyday people to defraud them and I think their new systems are here to combat that hence the reason for the extra checks and the renewals taking so much longer.
  14. Well checked my bank and it is the same amount as always - not even slightly different so my claim obviously is taking a while to "process"! ......oh and the post has come and nothing in it! Although my heart skipped a beat when I saw a brown A5 envelope lol - bloody DWP!
  15. Hi Zaira - have you received an "investigation" letter or have you just decided to come clean? A solicitor, although you will get an hour free will be costly and I don't think really necessary at this point. Having read a lot of other posts on this matter it appears that HMRC prefer to go take money from payments as opposed to prosecuting people so I wouldn't panic as yet. You could always go and visit the CAB for some free advice. If I were you I would write to them (make sure it goes recorded delivery), writing to them will ensure you tell them everything you need to without being interrupted or thrown off track by the call handler. Writing to them will be classed as "full disclosure" and will go in your favour. In your letter I would also make it clear your reasons (i.e debts, family troubles) and make it clear how you know it was wrong and that you are remorseful. How much do you roughly estimate that you owe and over what period have you been claiming it?
  16. Think us women are designed to be worriers lol. Honestly, I'm sure you'll be fine
  17. Jeez you must have some complex case Well nothing in the post again today so going to be stressing til I check the bank first thing Monday!
  18. £30 a week, roughly what percentage is that? Just wondering as guidelines state either 10% or £25%. Honestly you'll be fine if you ring them - if anything think once you've been on the phone to them you'll be relieved! Have a good weeked! I'm still in limbo with my tax credits renewal so still playing the waiting game and waiting to see if my payments are reduced etc.
  19. I'll be honest every year I have always sent my tax credit renewal off to reach them just in time for the 31 July deadline (by recorded delivery) and have never had an issue. Yup, staying positive is all we can do
  20. I find it really comforting to know that I am not the only one going through this and hopefully by sharing our story it'll help other people who stumble across this site looking for answers x
  21. I'd ring, honestly I would. You've done the hard part and it's obvious it's been sorted with the new award and the overpayment. Corresponding with HMRC in writing is an absolute nightmare and if you did you'd have your mind finally put to rest. I know what it's like - I like lots of others am awaiting for my renewal to be processed and it is taking an absolute age! If you don't mind me asking how much are they deducting per month / per week for your overpayment?
  22. To be honest I hope that there is a slight change in my money on Monday as then at least I would know they had dealt with it and then I wasn't going to be left under the breadline. Lets face it we'll know with our payments way before a letter arrives! Fingers crossed for us both! I will let you know if I get anything in the post or what happens with my payment on Monday. I sent my renewal off recorded delivery on 05/07 and it was signed for on 07/07.
  23. Firstly - I really wouldn't panic LuckyMe. Everything with the tax credits is taking longer this year because of their extra checks. I would say that having your new award means that your claim has been finalised. With regards to the compliance team, the letter may have been lost in the post? Just a thought. Why not just give them a quick ring and ask them for your documents or if they've been sent? You've done the hard part and IMO have NOTHING to worry about as your award has been amended.
  24. Nothing in the post for me today again - I bet the post man thinks I fancy him as I am always watching for him coming lol Looks like now I am going to be stressing wondering whether my money will be going in on Monday or whether its going to drop dramatically
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