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  1. You need to start your own thread and then you will receive specific advice. I would however like to point out that they DO accept change of circumstances in writing and they give the address on their website. I have never heard of anyone having their payments stopped due to non renewal but I do know u have to have renewed by 31st july.
  2. Well still nothing for me - no post and no miraculous amounts deposited in my bank. The worry is once again with regards to my payments but as my husband called last week I am not sure anything will change this week.
  3. Sorry for yet another JCP question! We applied about 10 days ago for a social fund loan and today we have received the offer letter (the one where you accept the terms, sign it and send it back and then funds are paid). My dilema is - on Thursday my husband "signed-off" as he has found a job. What happens? Will we still get the social fund loan if we sign the acceptance and send it back as he is now not claiming benefits? I mean the thing is we could really do with the money still as obviously wages etc are not coming in. We have arrears on certain bills which it would pay towards, need to buy school uniforms and my husband needs tools for his job. We can afford to pay the loan back still at the agreed rate but obviously it will be out of our wages as opposed to out of our benefits. Any advice would be gratefully be received.
  4. Woo hoo! I'm glad its all sorted for you x
  5. I meant that quite a few people had received letters asking for confirmation of childcare I.e contracts reciepts etc. I thought it was either 10% or 25% dependent on if you received more than the basic family element? I thought I remembered that from one of erikas posts?
  6. Generally tax credits take 10% (25% for higher earners) for overpayment. If you haven't had a letter then I think you are worrying over nothing but once you get your award I would make sure that the childcare element has been removed. Housing benefit should only be taking what you can afford so it may be worth appealling if you feel it's put you in hardship. Please don't worry. This forum is great support and has stopped me from going mad!!!!!! I am still waiting for my renewal but am TRYING not to worry x
  7. No-one is here to judge you so relax. Did u receive a letter asking you for contracts and reciepts etc? Lots of people who are in your situation have just had an overpayment and it is being deducted at an affordable rate each week. Hmrc rarely prosecute and are more interested in just getting the money back. Please don't worry x
  8. Welcome to the gang lol. Did u get a childcare review letter? What was the issue with your childcare? If you've read back over our posts you'll see we've all been told we're being "processed"! Looks like jw and claire's have both been sorted although they haven't had their award notices x
  9. He will also need to notify tax credits on monday so hopefully we should be entitled to wtc as its over 16 hours. I too start a job on tuesday which is part-time so we will no longer be entitled to hb / ctc.
  10. The lady my husband spoke to cancelled his jsa claim straight away even though he doesn't start til monday. I will ring hb on monday and advise them that we have cancelled the claim for jsa as my husband has started work and take it from there. We are due a hb payment tomorrow which I am hoping will still go in / already been processed as we do depend on it until wages start coming through. The 4 wk run on would really help and if we also got the 2 wks arrears that it is paid in then we could start to get back on our feet again! We've had an awful time since january.
  11. No I take your point, I will get my husband to call on monday to be on the safe side
  12. Okay thank you. I will notify them on monday when he actually starts work. You can bet your bottom dollar it'll be sorted asap unlike changing my bank details which took 2 weeks!!!
  13. For some reason whenever they make any amendments to your claim or update the system generates an extra payment
  14. He actually starts work on Monday but they closed his claim and tried to notify tax credits for us but couldn't so my husband called them and was told he needed to call them back on Monday. Am i wrong in thinking that JCP will notify HB / CTC or do we also have to do that?!?!
  15. That's good news!! What was the overpayment for? X
  16. I'm sorry to hear that - let me guess DWP? They don't mess around do they?! I think HMRC have just left themselves wide open for this kind of crime from Joe Public and it appears the new government are cracking down on it hence the further checks they are carrying out this year.
  17. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? Zaira has come on here for advice and support; not judgement.
  18. Well nothing new to report for me either!! No post and nothing in bank! X
  19. I did post this question in my previous thread about the job grant but it hasn't been picked up on. Just wondered if anyone could offer any advice? My husband called yesterday to "sign off" from his IB job seekers allowance claim - his next signing day was due to be next Monday (15/08). The lady on the phone advised him that his payment and job grant would just be processed automatically. My first question is:- 1) When should he expect his payment? He signed off by telephone yesterday at about 4pm. My second question is in relation to housing / council tax benefit:- 2) From my understanding the job centre will advise the housing benefit department and because he has claimed for over 26 weeks we should get a 4 week run-on/extension. But my query is will this in effect be 6 weeks? I.e. 4 weeks extension and then the 2 weeks in arrears that they pay it? Just wondering as we private rent and when when we first claimed it we were told it was paid fortnightly in arrears - because we didn't want to fall into arrears with our landlord we used what little money we had to keep it up to date. Any help would greatly be received. I can't tell you how pleased I am that we have "signed off" but now just worrying about money til wage start coming through!!!!!!!
  20. £10.21 is that quite a big chunk of what u usually get?!?! In the past mine has always fluctuated slightly either way. I think you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and call them!
  21. Well my husband has called today and "signed off" - they said he should be eligable for the job grant but wouldn't disclose how much. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive his last payment / job grant?? He signed off today at about 4pm. Also I asked the question earlier with regards to HB / CTB but haven't had an answer - does anyone know??? With regards to HB/CTB - will I in effect get 6 weeks run on then? I.e. 4 weeks extension and then the 2 weeks in arrears that they pay it? Just wondering as we private rent and when when we first claimed it we were told it was paid fortnightly in arrears - because we didn't want to fall into arrears with our landlord we used what little money we had to keep it up to date.
  22. I don't think that'll make much difference. God knows! We could go mad thinking of different reasons! Thank gos for this thread as it's only thing that has kept me sane knowing I am not the only one x
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