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  1. I take it you are private renting? We are too which is a bloody nightmare as hb / cb pay 2 wks in arrears so we struggled not to fall into arrears. We have just signed off jsa as we both have new jobs (my husband started yest and I start tomorrow) so hb will stop which will be a nightmare if tax credits reduce my payments dramatically. X
  2. My payments haven't changed and i get mine weekly. They won't stop them (don't start me bloody worrying about this now!) they will just do their review and amend payments I presume. God monthly?!?!? How'd you cope?!?!?!?!?!?! What date are you due your payment? x
  3. It seems to me Zara that anyone who had childcare on their claim last tax year is taking so much longer. Maybe they have realised that there are quite a few discrepancies? Who knows?!?
  4. By my workings out mine will be about £8,000 oh god now i've typed that it just seems even worse The letter isn't nasty or accusing, it is just very matter of fact and simple. I lived with it for months until my head was straight and we had other changes which had just occurred so I changed everything with them. The letter I have drafted is very simply and just confirms that they are right and I state that I notified them of the change in November and that I understand that there will be an overpayment but I have asked if it would be possible to take this from my existing / future awards so as not to leave us in hardship. I am going to post it second class recorded delivery on Weds morning as I go away on holiday this Weds for 1 week and don't want to be on holiday worrying about what is on my doorstep when I return. So are you still receiving the childcare payments now?
  5. Hi Nic76 - No its not when it stopped there should not have been any childcare on last years award and I didn't notify them until November when we had other big changes in our circumstances and my mind was in a better place to notify them. Although I stopped it in November I did not say to them "oh by the way I shouldn't have had any childcare this year" I just simply cancelled it. What I did was wrong and I did know that this day would come I suppose. The letter I have received this morning simply states that my claim has been selected for a review (not investigation), it says that they have contacted my childcare providers and they have confirmed that no payments have been made between 06/04/10-05/04/11 and it asks me to either agree with their findings or to send them proof of payments etc by 24/08/11. It says that if I fail to contact them they will use their findings and amend my award on 25/08/11. I have drafted a letter which I am going to send tomorrow confirming that their findings are right but also advising that I did notify them of the changes in Nov 10 and then I had another award notice and our payments (obviously) plummeted. This is obviously the reason my renewal is taking so long. They were obviously waiting on confirmation from my non-existent childcare providers. When did you stop paying for childcare Nic76?
  6. No not been asked to send anything in - just to confirm their findings. I have already renewed (but not received an updated renewal) so not sure if this is coinciding or not.
  7. I cannot see how they can leave you in hardship - I really can't! I mean from what you have said it's not like you are on huge wages and will be able to survive without them. Do you think if they won't budge you would be able to claim other monies such a housing / council tax benefit? I hope that you get it sorted. With regards to mine; well i'm just going to have to wait and see, there's nothing more I can do really. We had a hell of a lot going on last year, a hell of a lot and yes I claimed for longer than I should BUT i did cancel it in November. Lots of posts on here have waited until they were being investigated before they have owned up to any wrongdoing and have simply been given an overpayment figure to be taken from existing / future awards. xx x
  8. Stupidly no I didn't notify them until November 2010 BUT we did notify them - I have read a lot of these posts on here where people are only coming clean once they have received a letter so surely that has to go in my favour?!?!?!?!? I wonder whether yours is being treated differently because they ended your claim (because they said you didn't renew) and then started it again? Just wondering that because none of the other threads have been treated that way.
  9. Well now I know why my renewal has been taking so long! Just received a letter this morning advising me that my claim has been selected for a review for last year. This relates to the childcare element. I didn't notify them until November 2010 that my childcare had stopped (I then received an amended award notice) so looks like I am going to have an overpayment. To say I am panicing at the moment is an absolute understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to respond by 25 August 2011 to confirm their findings
  10. Well i too am now in a blind state of panic?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have received a letter from HMRC advising that my claim has been selected for a review. We claimed childcare last year (and previous years) and I didn't notify them until November 2010 that we had stopped receiving. Obviously the childcare providers have confirmed this also. They are asking me to confirm the findings by 25 August and they will then amend my award accordingly.
  11. Right i've just looked on HMRC website and this link basically states that if you cannot meet your living expenses to contact them and they will go through the various options with you. I find the whole overpayments thing very complicated but this states how they collect it which doesn't seem to ring true with what you have been told - dependent on your circumstances they'll take either 10 or 25% - this can be found here Have you used the Entitled2 calculator? This also tells you what other benefits you may qualify for. I know HMRC have told you to wait until you get your new award notice but it may be worth ringing again and getting them to clarify payments to you. You may get someone who is prepared to give you other options or explain it more clearly. xxx
  12. Oh my god, £3.26?!?!?! Surely that's not right?!?! How much of a reduction is that per week?!?!?!?!?! Did you ask how much you've been overpaid?!?!?!?! You can appeal it - I am not at pc at minute though, I'm on my phone so as soon as I can I'll have a look but someone more knowledgable may come on in the meantime. Hugs to you xxx
  13. Did you notify child benefit of your address change? If so it will have been changed on tax credits system also, the same goes for bank account changes so think mystery may have been solved on that one for you. YOU WILL NOT BE SENT TO PRISON so push that thought right out of your brain. Hmrc very rarely prosecute and when they do it is organised fraud. there are many threads on here with regards to overpayments on childcare, some are over £30k. What hmrc are interested in is having the money back and they will claim this through your new award. It is generally between 10-25% dependant on the circumstances of your claim. Have a read through some of the previous threads regarding tax credits - they start with people worrying about jail etc and it ends with them saying everything has been sorted and they are paying it back each wk / month from their future payments. Please stop worrying x
  14. No problemo. I hope you get the matter resolved x
  15. If they have all of your details correct now then you will have to play the waiting game unfortunately. I would have thought though it would be dealt with as a priority. I think changes on their system generally take 48 hours but at the minute everything seems to be taking sooo long with them!! I renewed on 05 july and still haven't heard anything. I wouldn't worry about an investigation and would put that to the back of your mind. From previous posts they do notify you if they are investigating and ask for extra info etc so as you haven't received these I think it is doubtful. Easier said than done but don't worry x
  16. I don't think you have grounds for unfair dismissal as harsh as that may sound but like I said before I am certainly no employment specialist. I do however from what you have said think it is a little harsh BUT like you mentioned there may be other reasons they wish to get rid of you and this may have been a legal way to do it for them. You need to be considering though how you would explain this on your cv to a new employer and how you would explain a reference. I am sure you have considered it but you may be able to claim JSA and other benefits such as housing / council tax benefit to tide you over til you find a job. Good luck x
  17. Five years is a long time to work for a company and if you have a good track record I would say there must be more to this story than in your post - don't mean that in a disrespectful way by the way. What did you have company funds on your person for? Were these funds to be banked by you or to purchase items etc? You have stated several times that "you had the money" and you can prove this with bank statements; if that was the case why did you request that it was taken out of your wages? The money belonged to the company and was not a loan. The outcome of the meeting that you had a letter for was "suspension" NOT dismissal; reading between the lines the dismissal came after reviewing the points of the interview. You also mention that the company agreed to take the funds on your payday, did you have this in writing? Or was this simply a verbal agreement and if so by whom?
  18. i'm going on bloody holiday on Weds so i will be panicing about whats on my doorstep when i get home!! Arghhhhhhh bleedin tax credits lol x
  19. Like I said before I would put everything down in writing and send it to them. Explain you sent changes etc and that you fully thought you'd renewed. I know writing is a long winded way but if you're anything like me I get tongue tied and it is difficult to prove what you have said.
  20. I am confused - what purpose would a supplier have in contacting you at home?!? That seems VERY strange to me, very strange. Do you have any idea why they would contact you personally or what they hope to achieve? Is it to do with payment issues?!? Personally I would take this matter up with your superiors at work tomorrow and see if they have any idea why this company would be trying to make contact with an employee at home. Other people may too have received letters as without further information cannot understand why they would single you out.
  21. If you know that they have your renewal then I wouldn't worry. I know 10 week is such a long time but I suppose we don't know how they are processing them i.e whether its in order or whether they have been split dependent on what we are claiming for. I did claim childcare last year and have several changes to circumstances i.e my husband stopped work in November so childcare stopped, my wage also went down at that point and then in January we started claiming benefits as I lost my job. So maybe that is why it is taking so long as it's not straight forward? But then part of me thinks well i notified them of the changes at each and every point and my award was adjusted accordingly so i would have presumed it would be quite easy for them?!?!?!?! Oh god knows lol!!
  22. Well i sent mine in on 05 July and it was signed for on 07 July so i'm not in the May / June bracket I am trying not to panic or worry but that is easier said than done especially as everyone else who was in the same boat appears to be being sorted!!!!!!!!!!
  23. This link is direct to HMRC website and it states you can notify of changes by writing and telephone so you have an argument there. Did you send the changes by recorded delivery (i.e. do you have proof it was received)?
  24. It seems very complex. I am no tax credits expert but if it was me I think I would write fully explaining your current situation & the dates of your changes I.e. Childcare, work, income, benefits. I would also explain the date that you rang and that you believed you had renewed over the phone. I know letter is the longest way BUT you get to put exactly what you want in black and white as opposed to stumbling and forgetting things on the phone. Make sure any correspondance is sent recorded delivery.
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