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  1. I received a call from O2 customer services about a week after starting to use my phone and they asked if everything was ok, checked I was on the right tariff etc and they said they'd register it for me - benefit being that if i lost my phone etc they could block my number. Never in a million years did I think they'd sell my details on!!!! Annoyed is not the word! I changed my number for a reason - so I wasn't hounded and could actually answer my mobile everytime it rang!
  2. I changed my mobile number in August and have been very careful whom I have given it to. The only people who have it are family, close friends and my childrens schools. Yesterday I received a call from 01252 576422 and answered it, the asian lady on the other end of the phone announced herself as Capquest and asked me to confirm i was "my full name". I just put the phone down, couldn't be doing with it - had visitors at the house. Now my question is how did they find out my mobile number? I have not applied for an credit with this number, I know 100% no family or friends would pass on a number (even if they had a phone call they'd have telephoned me asking about it), I am on PAYG with O2 but I did register it. I have had letters from Capquest to my address for a very, very old Intelligent Finance debt so presume it is in connection with that. They keep sending me letters advising me they will make me bankrupt so have been waiting lol (not that that will happen). Any ideas??? Are our phone networks illegally selling our details?
  3. J1990, I think it would be beneficial for you to start your own thread - that way you can receive advice specific to your query. Words of advice I would give you though is not to panic. You haven't had any letters from them advising you that they want information or are reviewing your case have you? I am no tax credit expert but having been "reviewed" and I had overclaimed all I would say is it wasn't as bad as I thought. All those sleepless nights weren't worth it! Keep a record of dates etc and just call them to update your situation. I wouldn't go into details when you do just tell them the facts - that you now have a partner and would like to make a joint claim. Hope this helps but please start a new thread and you will receive advice from people who are more in the know than me x
  4. They have emailed back and confirmed that they are acting as debt collectors. They have asked me to submit an offer of payment and they will go to WMDC for their "approval". Cheers guys for your help - much appreciated! Very, very sneaky oh Phillips using their bailiff guise though me thinks!
  5. They have emailed back and confirmed that they are acting as debt collectors. They have asked me to submit an offer of payment and they will go to WMDC for their "approval". Cheers guys for your help - much appreciated! Very, very sneaky oh Phillips using their bailiff guise though me thinks!
  6. Right......I have emailed them explaining my situation and asking them to clarify in what capacity they are collecting this debt; whether they are acting as bailiffs or debt collection agents as if they are collecting as bailiffs I haven't received notification from the court. Not sure if that was the right thing to do but at least they can't say i'm ignoring them lol
  7. This is the letter:- PRE-ENFORCEMENT NOTICE You have failed to make suitable repayment arrangements concerning overpayment of housing benefits to yourself which remains outstanding. Therefore you have left us no option but to carry out full recovery procedures in which you may incur additional charges of no less than £45. Our recovery agents have now been granted approval to attend your premises without any further warning to commence recovery procedures. You must make the IMMEDIATE FULL PAYMENT of all of the outstanding amounts (as shown above) to prevent this action commencing. YOU HAVE 7 DAYS FROM THE DATE STATED IN THIS NOTICE TO PAY ALL OUTSTANDING AMOUNTS IN FULL. I haven't received any further notification from the court and at a rough guess the CCJ was granted around 3/4 years ago. The overpayment was from me not declaring maternity allowance as a change in circumstances and was interviewed under caution at 36 weeks pregnant in Dec 2005. So do you think that they are simply working in a debt collector capacity in this instance as opposed to bailiffs? I am confused as my partner has had dealings with Phillips for a court fine as bailiffs and they were horrendous.
  8. It didn't say suspended you're right - I can't think off the top of my head what it said but it said "it's been xxxxx with liberty to restore". Don't you just love it when your mind goes blank lol! I can't remember how much the original debt was but it was around that so not sure they've added charges. My confusion is that the council opted for a CCJ and then an AOE and now cos the judge has said we cannot afford to pay they've gone to bailiffs. If they turn up won't be gettin in but would still like to know if they're allowed to do it!
  9. A number of years ago i was overpaid housing benefit. I didn't pay this back and the council sought county court judgement against me (£900 approx). They then pursued this through an attachment of earnings (which was consolidated as I had others also), I was paying this back at a rate set by the judge until February this year when I lost my job. The judge asked me to supply details of my income and expenditure and basically "suspended" the AOE. I received a letter from Phillips a couple of weeks ago informing me that they were seeking to clear the debt. I put this to one side and forgot all about it. Another letter has dropped through my door today basically saying that as I have ignored them they are looking at taking the debt back in full within 7 days or if not they will be sending bailiffs to me. What can I do? I presumed that the judge's word would have been final. If a judge rules I cannot afford to pay it then surely that should be good enough???? Confused!! Advice needed!
  10. Oh i'm so glad it's finally all sorted for you Matrix x
  11. Hi Matrix glad you feel a little better. You may find that you end up with an extra payment prior to your normal one. Everytime I have amended my circumstances an extra payment has landed in my bank. Fingers crossed for your award coming soon x
  12. Good luck this morning Matrix x
  13. I only mentioned writing due to you not getting chance to phone (they are open saturdays though if that helps?). Phoning is obviously the best way. Have you tried calling at 8am as soon as they open? May be less busy. You can call the landline number (its on hmrc website) if you are calling from a mobile so it'd be cheaper. I know it is so easy to say but please, please stop stressing yourself out - it really isn't worth it. I drove myself round the twist (as you can probably tell with my neurotic posts at times lol). Like I've said, I'll stay on this thread while ever anyone keeps posting xxx
  14. Oh matrix I feel for you, I really do! If you haven't got chance to ring why not put it in writing? I know it takes longer but it'll be quicker than you not ringing lol With regards to stopping work and claiming benefits - I have always said the same....until I had to claim benefits and then I realised that unless you are in the system NO-ONE is there to help you and you have to beg for whatever you are entitled to. Stay strong - I'm sure it'll get sorted!! We're on the journey with you x
  15. Mmmm strange. What have they said when you have rang them? I (as you'll have read lol) renewed and didn't hear anything until I got a letter for childcare review once I'd sent info I then got a letter from compliance team saying they'd amended my award and sure enough a couple of weeks later my award dropped on my doorstep (the fact I don't understand it is another story lol). Have your payments changed or anything? Or have you had the extra payment the system the system generates?
  16. I believe it will have to be a joint tax credits claim; don't believe there is any other way. You will also be jointly responsible for ensuring that they have the correct income information. You mentioned in your previous post that you are self-employed; they may also ask for your UTR.
  17. Fingers crossed it's sorted soon for you Matrix! Keep us updated x
  18. You don't need to be claiming job-seekers allowance for your partner to claim tax credits. To claim job-seekers allowance you need to be actively seeking work i.e "job seeking". Your partner will however need to give your details to HMRC for tax credits purposes (name, national insurance number, employment status).
  19. Without sounding rude or harsh your domestic issues as a couple really aren't anything to do with Job Centre Plus. If you are separated then I guess that is a different matter and you would be claiming as a single person.
  20. I have just undergone a review by Tax Credits. Mine was to do with over estimating childcare (not ending it should I say). They have just amended my award for this year so PLEASE DON'T PANIC! You have enough on your plate! You have agreed with their findings so I would guess they will just amend your award and recoup any overpayment. Like said above you will need to notify them of a change in circumstances and you will probably end up with more money as your income has gone down.
  21. Yes payday loans, doorstep loans, overdrafts and credit cards will all be cleared with bankruptcy. You can also look at a Debt Relief Order if you owe under £15k and have no assets which is (i think?) £90. A lot cheaper than bankruptcy (around £500). This isn't advice BTW it's just info on bankruptcy x
  22. Firstly having read your previous thread regarding partner / wife ringing and reporting you for fraud I must say I am perplexed as to what you are actually trying to do. Like mentioned above benefits such as JSA & HBare means tested and work on your household income. Not quite sure what happens if your finances are completely separate but to be honest I think you need to sort the situation out prior to applying. Why is your wife / partner objecting to you applying for benefits?
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