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  1. Thanks Hammyhound, yes think I will be phoning in future! Never remember having problems the last few years and I've always posted it! Guess I am just panicing cos of the overpayment we had and don't want to be in the situation of going to bank oneday and no money being in lol
  2. Right I have called the tax credits office today - very busy and it says they have a back log and you had to put in the date that you sent the form in (no personal details so just a generic date check) it then said to call back 8 wks from the date we sent it in. My question is the 8 wks is past the 31st July deadline and the advert says (and it says on their website) that if you don't renew by this date payments will stop. What happens if my letter (even though it was sent recorded delivery) has gone into the HMRC black hole?!?!?!?!?!
  3. It has always been income-based job seekers allowance. Everything happened at once for us (doesn't it always?!) but basically we had a tax-credits over-payment and then I lost my job. My husband went to the job centre and because he has been looking after the children he hadn't made enough contributions for contribution based job seekers allowance. He first made the claim (by telephone) on 31 January 2011 and his first signing date was 14 Feb. By my workings out this means that 26 weeks should be taken from the date of the phone call and will be 01 Aug?
  4. Thanks Erika I think that makes sense. I think we owe £598 which is made up of 2 crisis loans, one was for living expenses until benefits came through and the other was for a washer (don't know if they are classed as two separate things). P.S yes we are married with two daughters (5&6) x
  5. Just wondered whether anyone can confirm whether crisis loans are taken into account when issuing a budgeting loan? I know that social fund loans are and I presumed that crisis loans come under this category but when my husband called today he was told that crisis loans are treated separately. Call me skeptical but I just wanted a second opinion. Just a little bit of background info for anyone who can advise - until Jan this year we have never claimed any social security benefits but I lost my job and at the same time got issued with a tax credits overpayment (that's another story!) and my husband and I had to claim job seekers allowance (he previously cared for our 2 children whilst we worked). Because we struggled financially til any money came through we had 2 crisis loans which we are currently paying back through job seekers. We have now decided that we want to apply for a budgeting loan to clear some of our doorstep debts which we are paying extortionate interest on and also to buy school uniforms for the next school year.
  6. I do check (every day lol), I am not expecting an underpayment am just very wary about overpayments. The worry of one day my tax credits just not going in (we had this last year). If i had been underpaid that would be a bonus
  7. Did you do it by phone or by post? How long ago was that? I know I can't do anything about it but really hate wondering whether my regular payment is going in etc. Like most people I rely on my tax credits payments. I know when we were overpaid before the money just didn't go in and it left us in a terrible mess
  8. Its the unknown that bothers me (have previously been stung with an overpayment); the checking the bank each week to see whether it is the same amount or whether it has been reduced etc. I mean heaven forbid you would actually get notification by post prior to payments stopping being reduced
  9. Like most people claiming tax credits I dread renewal time! I sent my declaration off last week (recorded delivery of course!) and it was signed for on 06/07 - just wondered how long it is likely to be until I get my updated award? Rang the helpline today but their automated message said it could take 8 weeks! Just wondered if anyone on here had done theirs by post and had received an award?
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