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  1. Hmmmmmm well I would ring and ask to speak with a manager, team leader I mean surely anyone could see that what they are asking doesn't make sense?!?!?!?!?!?!? Wouldn't mind but they've set all this new security stuff up anyway so should be able to verify who you are from that?! Do you receive child benefit? If so you can change your details with them and they will pass on the information to tax credits department (didn't realise they did this until I changed my details with them and they asked if I wanted my tax credits changing also). Maybe worth a try?
  2. We must just be special lol! Well post has been and nothing in there - nothing in the bank (not that I was expecting an underpayment). I get my tax credits on a Monday so wonder if my amount will change for next week?!?!?!? This is what does my head in, receiving changes in payments before a letter so every Monday i dread logging onto my bank! I had quite a few changes towards end of last year my hours dropped and therefore my income did, cancelled childcare and then my husband stopped working and then I had an overpayments from previous year so my payments plummeted so wonder if this could have anything to do with it?!?! All sorts of things are going through my head. I suppose we will find out soon enough, I just hope (fingers, toes and everything crossed) that I haven't had an overpayment. I will keep you updated as to when i get my new figures x
  3. They cannot just stop your tax credits, if you get more than the basic family element (which I am guessing you do because of what you posted previously) they can take between 10-25%. 10% is for low earners who do not receive a reduction and the 25% is for people who earn more so again I am guessing you would be 10%. Like I said before I know it is easier said than done about not panicing but there really is nothing you can do until you get the new award through. There have been more stringent checks this year due to a new checking system and I think this is why so many renewals are taking so long. I am sure like me you are waiting for a letter to drop through your letter box and worrying if your payments are going to change but there really is nothing we can do
  4. There is nothing you can do other than wait unfortunately. Try not to panic though (easier said than done i know). Do you think your claim is / has been correct or do you think there'll be an overpayment? If you read some of the other threads where they have claimed thousands of pounds extra for childcare they haven't been so harsh with them and have just taken payments back through future payments. Mine was "being processed" last Weds when my husband rang up but haven't heard anything as yet - it is so frustrating!
  5. Honestly not sure although I know if it was the other way (i.e. income support suspended) then it would be. If you really are worried have a search on your councils website and it will give direct email addresses of the correct department and you could email them and just advise them of your concerns and provide them with the info. If it drags on though and you feel like you are getting fobbed off then go for the top dog and it'll soon get sorted (mine was sorted within 20 mins of emailing the CEO of the council).
  6. Don't get me started on how useless housing benefit departments can be! 2 wks (and 10 phone calls, 1 visit, 5 emails) it took mine (kirklees) to change some bank details for us. So it would not surprise me in the slightest if they had your calculation wrong. Personally I would book an appointment to see someone from housing benefit and ask them for clarification about your award; I know that these calculators are a guide only but they are normally roughly right. Are you private renting or is it council? Obviously this makes a huge difference when negotiating paying back arrears. With regards to council tax, are your arrears just from this year or previous years also?
  7. I cannot help with your specific query but just wanted to let you know that my council housing benefit department (Kirklees) is really, really slow at processing anything. I changed my bank details with them for my payments and it took them 2 weeks to deal with and I went in in person to do it. In the end I emailed the CEO of the council and complained as whilst they were taking so long I was not getting my rent paid and my rent was falling into arrears (I have a private landlord). If I was you I would make an appointment and go in and give them the evidence that you sent - I would then ask for a timescale and ask them if they will contact your landlord to advise them (they offered this to me) of the issue.
  8. Sad to say sounds like your childminder has been very deceptive! As Erika says I would explain your situation to the childminder once you have found out the facts from Ofsted and advise her that you cannot afford to cover the shortfall as you paid the money to her in good faith and that you have no option but to claim the money back from her. If she fails to pay then a moneyclaim online is easy and relatively inexpensive to do.
  9. The 8 weeks backlog I think is to do with a new checking system they have implemented. I too sent mine in by post (recorded delivery) on 05 July and haven't heard anything. I was panicing as I have always done it by post and normally heard from them in a couple of weeks max (i.e. payments changed and then award notice followed week after), anyways my husband rang on Weds and was advised that it was being processed. If they have confirmed that it has been received then don't panic - they'll only stop payments if they've had no contact regarding it. I now have the worry that my payments will alter if i've had an overpayment so I will keep checking the bank lol, you never know we may have been underpaid and have a nice sum in the bank
  10. In answer to your question - No your payments will not stop. They have confirmed that they have received your renewal pack therefore you have nothing to worry about. They only stop payments (and not sure if they do or just threaten to) if you haven't renewed by 31 July. I sent my renewal pack in on 05 July and was told it was being processed last Weds. I expect I will receive my new award notice in a couple of weeks. Phoning your renewal in is much quicker and I will defo be doing that next year as can't be doing with playing the waiting game and checking bank each day lol. Hope this helps x
  11. I also believe the same is for HB. If this is the case I would wait until you are near this amount (or just under) and then go through the application process. They will of course want to see bank statements etc. A year is a long time and your husband may find a job within this time frame and then panic over
  12. When we applied in January I was told by the council that it was quicker if we made an appointment for the claim rather than sending the form and evidence in the post. So basically what we did was filled in the form and went along with all the evidence which was:- Tenancy agreement Photo id (passport driving license) Birth certificates Tax credits award Proof of child benefit Bank statements Wage Slips We needed these as at that time we weren't claiming jobseekers allowance (made the claim on same day and job centre didn't tell us that they could deal with it for us). Just be warned that they pay 2 weeks in arrears, we private rent and didn't want to fall into arrears with our landlord so we had to find 2 weeks worth of rent before we had a payment.
  13. No I don't think it has just come out, in fact I'm almost positive as I remember having it in a contract of employment at one of my old jobs.
  14. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your loss I have never had to use parental leave so don't really know much about it
  15. I agree with Padja, leaving work is a huge step. Have you considered how difficult it will be to find another job when your daughter starts school? Trust me, it is hard - very hard! What about Parental Leave? This is where you request unpaid time off from your employer to look after your child (who is under 5), I think you can have up to 13 weeks and you may be able to claim income support whilst doing this and possibly other benefits such as housing benefit? I can tell from your post that you are really not keen on your daughter being cared for by a nursery / child minder but I really would think this through - it can be a very positive thing and you can claim money through tax credits for childcare. IMHO I would request some parental leave from work and possibly use this time to go and visit some local nurseries and childminders and see what you think.
  16. Lets face it the tax credits since the beginning have relied too heavily on peoples honesty - which has left them wide open for not just organised fraud but for Joe Bloggs down the street to get a bit extra each week.
  17. Seeing as how you have already posted your declaration I would wait until your new award comes and then advise them. Your award tells you to read through the details and to contact them if anything is incorrect. You having phoned already and a note put on the system means that you are not misleading them in anyway.
  18. I am by no means a tax credit expert (I have my own thread open at the moment about them lol) but I would say that the best course of action would be to wait until your award notice comes through (after they have finalised your award). Detailed in your new award notice will be details of what to do if you believe it is wrong. I believe at the moment though they have around an 8 wk backlog (thats what it says on automated system when you call them). ERIKAPNP posted this earlier on another thread which may help you work out how much they would take off you:- "The easiest way to find out how an overpaymentwill be recovered (and the percentage) is to look at your tax credit award notice, under 'part 2', entitled 'How we work out your tax credits'. If that part shows no amount for 'reduction due to your income', they will take it back at a maximum of 10% of your ongoing payments. If it shows an amount under 'reduction due to your income' but you are still getting more than the family element of Child Tax Credit (approximately £545 for the year), they will take it back at up to 25% of your ongoing payments. If your income is high and you only get family element of Child Tax Credit (approximately £545 for the year) they can take anything up to 100% of your ongoing award, which means they can stop paying altogether"
  19. Did you advise them on the phone for the previous year also or just this year?
  20. At least you know that it has been dealt just out of curiosity; the amount that you received on Friday, was that the amount on your previous award minus the childcare or was it a completely different amount? If it was a completely different amount then I would guess that they've finalised your award and your new award notice will just reflect the overpayment. Reading previous threads they say that the most they normally take is between 10-25%, does that seem about right for the amount that you received?
  21. Yes i do agree, I was just saying that if the OP's son does decide to claim for IB JSA then the claim for HB can be done at the same time and if not asked by Job Centre Plus on the telephone to make sure he asks. But yes he can of course apply directly to the council - we did it all via an appointment, basically we went in and filled in the form with them (they advised us this was better than filling in the form and sending it in as they begin to process it straight away). This may also be of benefit to you as you would be able to accompany your son.
  22. Yes I agree with Antone, we applied for Housing Benefit direct to the council BUT were told that when my husband made the initial claim for JSA over the phone they should have asked whether he wished to apply (for some reason they didn't). Our council did say that it is quicker to do it through the job centre but suppose each council is different.
  23. Maybe this is why the renewal process seems to be taking a lot longer (8 weeks back log) this year?
  24. I am by no means an expert of JSA but my husband was in the same boat in January when he started his claim. He wasn't eligible for contribution based JSA as he has looked after our children for the last few years and he managed to claim income-based JSA. Unfortunately I am unable to post a link but just type "income based job seekers allowance criteria" into google and it should bring up some useful info for you
  25. Our overpayment was found out this January and they advised me it had to be paid back before the end of the tax year - it was from 2008/2009. So between Jan and beg of April we had virtually nothing. It just makes me really wary of them that's all.
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