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  1. I have emailed collectica and received an automated response saying they will contact me within 7-10 days. I have offered to pay them £20 per week from next Wednesday and I will make the payment on Wednesday regardless of hearing from them.


    If they do turn up they won't be getting in my house (they may not even enter my garden). I have 6ft fences / gate with a "I live here" dog sign on the gate. If they ring the bell on the gate I shall just let the dogs into the garden.

  2. It would appear that it was reissued to your present address. You need to find out the date that is on the actual Warrant as they only have a life of 12 months.


    Unfortunately the only way to prevent the Bailiff turning up is to pay in full. If you look at the letters you have received you may find they were "written" some days ago and only give say 7 days in which to sort this, it could be the time is up tomorrow or at the weekend.


    Who do I ask about the warrant? Collectica or the council?


    Yes you are correct the letters were dated 23 January (how lovely eh?).


    Right I shall email them now. Is there anything else that i should tell them other than the fact that I don't own a car? Like the fact that my sofa and TV are on HP?

  3. They have sent the letters prior to visiting. Once they commence to visit the fees will rocket accordingly. Did the Council accept your Out of Times? The debt has now been to Court and a Warrant of Exeution will have been given to Collectica. The worst you can do when they call is to let them in - they cannot force entry unless they have gained peaceful entry previously. Although you have no car this will not stop them levying on random motor near to where you live. Even if they accept "instalments" they will probably want paying within 2 to 3 payments.


    It was the TEC that I replied to and they informed the council who then wrote to me at my correct address. I filled out an online form asking to pay by installments but never heard anything further and like I say it just went to the back of my mind until now.


    What would your advice be? Obviously I don't want them coming and adding extortionate fees on, I want to deal with it as quickly as possible but cannot pay the full amount. I know it's not a large debt but we only have 2 part-time wages coming in (but we earn too much to get help with HB etc) and we have an AOE on my husbands wage for council tax each week so that eats up quite a bit.


    P.S. they haven't been before (this is the first I have heard from them) and I wouldn't let them in but I had dealings with Collectica 18 months ago for a court fee and some bad advice from the warrants officer. It was sorted in the end but the bailiff was very rude and aggresive and obviously because that was a magistrates court fine he was threatening locksmiths and all sorts.

  4. Hi just wanted a little bit of advice regarding bailiff laws for parking fines.


    I have today received 2 letters from Collectica Enforcement Services relating to 2 parking fines received by my local council in March and April last year. The total amount owed is £190.88 (2 x £95.44). The letters state that as I have failed to pay the amounts outstanding for the contraventions they write to notify me that they have been instructed to commence immediate recovery procedures against me. It says that I am requested to make full payment within 7 days of this notice to prevent further recovery procedures commencing. if I fail to make payment bailiffs/agents will be instructed to attend your premises to instigate further recovery procedures. Additional charges will be incurred 8 days after the date of the notice.


    With regards to these parking fines I received notices from the TEC late (because I had moved) and contacted them, they then passed it back to the council. I received notification from the council and then I responded online asking to pay by installments. I never heard anything else and if i am honest I just forgot all about them and had my memory jogged by these letters from Collectica!


    I cannot afford to make payment in full. I could possibly make payments of £20 per month (£5 per week) so what do I do? On the back of the Collectica letter it says I can email them. My questions are:-


    1) Are they just normal bailiffs i.e is this the same as credit card debt or are is this debt the one where they can get locksmiths etc?


    2) I don't own anything of value.....I don't have a car, my sofa and TV are on HP therefore even if they did get in there is nothing of any value should I say this on my email?


    3) Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what i say to them in this email?


    Really can't face them turning up.


    Any help much appreciated. Lucy

  5. I have today spoken to the repo man from Wrights Recoveries (I called him), he was very polite and courteous (probably because he realises that this will be an easy unobstructed levy) and he said that they visited my old house 3 times and because we failed to contact them they had no choice to visit my husband at work as they just presumed that we were evading.


    I have arranged for him to collect the car later today but I will be writing a formal letter of complaint to The Car Finance Company, I have all of the emails between myself and them which clearly states my phone number (my "new" address they even visited) and I will also be writing to Wrights Recoveries telling them how unprofessional the company that they are working for are! I mean this should have been a very straightforward levy....if they had the correct details it would've taken 1 phone call and the car would've been collected not 3 visits to my old address and then a further visit to a work place and then a final visit to collect!


    I know that the letters won't do any good but if anything they will make me feel better.


    I suppose my next problem will be when The Car Finance Company come to claim the rest of the finance on the agreement.......

  6. They are not supposed to under s92 of the Consumer Credit Act. Problem is, is that if they were to take the vehicle the potential damages awarded to the OP would be minimal at best.


    If you would like to keep the vehicle, a Time Order could be incredibly useful:



    Have you paid more than 1/3 of the finance (apologies if this has been askwed and answered on the thread already)


    i wish i'd of known about this before before :( a bit too late now considering the repo man from Wrights is coming tomorrow!!!


    I have paid less than 1/3

  7. Fees may be payable if the vehicle is being recovered under a Writ of Delivery by an HCEO or his agent.


    My question was in relation to the visit to work!!! Majorly wound up as if they'd of used the correct information then they could've taken the car without any hassle nor any embarrassment!!!! I specifically asked the car finance company what the protocol was and ensured they had correct numbers because i didn't want ANY embarrassment!

  8. we need to see that agreement please


    they should not be discussing it with a 3rd party no.


    and I don't think they can repo from private property either without a court order

    and even then, it WONT be a repo company but court bailiffs.


    sequenci will know

    let me go find a thread with the info

    hang on.




    I will try and dig it out. I thought they could reposses without a court order because i haven't paid many payments?

  9. Hi thank you for your replies. The car finance company is "the car finance company".


    It is a HP agreement (i don't have the original documents to hand as they're all still packed away).


    Yes i still have the car. He is meant to be collecting tomorrow from our home address.


    From memory we took out the agreement in April 2013 part exchanging our old car (which was an old banger).

  10. I have posted a similar thread in the vehicle repossession category but by looking at other posts in there

    not many people seem to comment on them. I


    apologise for duplicate posting but really would like any advice that anyone could offer.


    We took out car finance earlier this year and fell behind.


    During this time we had a house move and I supplied "the car finance company" with our new address details,


    I was visited by an employee at my new address and I made a payment arrangement.


    We broke the agreement because we simply couldn't afford to pay 2 months as a lump sum plus late fees.


    I contacted "the car finance company" by email to advise them of my situation

    but they said they were unable to help as it'd already been sent for repossession.


    I asked what the process was and they said that the repo men would make contact

    (I was worried about them turning up unannounced and causing a scene etc).


    this was mid September and I haven't heard a thing.


    Fast forward to today and


    my husband was called into the office by a manager and was told a debt collector was here to see him!!!


    Imagine the complete embarrassment!!!!!


    The Car Finance Company have given Wrights Recoveries UK our old address and they have been to the house several times and

    because we didn't reply to the cards he had left (obviously didn't reply as didn't get them because we don't live there)

    he turned up at my husbands place of work!!!


    Now I have no problem in giving the car back,

    I have been expecting them for the past 2 months

    but what I do object to is the way that they have gone about it.


    I made sure that The Car Finance Company had my correct address and telephone number.


    Wrights Recoveries have also never written because I have redirection on my mail therefore if they had of written I would have received it.


    What should I do?

    Can I complain?

    Who do I complain to?


    Any advice would be gratefully received.

  11. Just after a little bit of advice please. Please excuse any spellings mistakes etc as I am so mad as I type right not :mad2::-x


    At the beginning of this year we took a car on finance,

    we made several payments and then found that we were struggling to keep up payments but we always caught them up.


    In June we moved house (notified the finance company) and then from then we completely missed a payment.


    One payment turned into 2 and we had a visit (at our new house) from a gentleman from "the car finance company",

    a payment arrangement was put in place but we missed it.


    I contacted them by email explaining our situation and asking if there was anything we could do and

    they said "no", that it had been sent to repossession.


    I emailed them back asking what happens next as I really didn't want repo men turning up at home to take the car unannounced etc

    and they confirmed that the repo men would get in touch with me first

    (I made sure that they had the correct contact number as had changed my mobile number). T

    his was mid September and I haven't heard a thing from them.


    My husband works as a postman and he was called into his managers office.

    When arriving in the office he was told that a debt collector was there for him!

    Imagine his absolute embarrassment!!!

    He spoke to this guy and the guy said that they had made numerous home visits....

    ...only they had been visiting our old house!!!!


    Are they allowed to turn up at his work???

    I have no objection to them taking the car and

    I have been waiting for them to call to arrange to take it!


    I also know for a fact that they haven't written to our old address because I have redirection on our mail.


    I am so mad right now!!!

  12. Hi Jamberson, yes I did receive correspondence from the council and I responded. I was told that they would pursue me until the DVLA told them otherwise hence why I concentrated on DVLA (which I have been getting nowhere fast!).


    So what you are saying is that if the bailiff turns up today he can take my husbands car despite me not being in and not signing any of the paperwork he posted through the door? It's a shame it wasn't my neighbours car outside the house lol


    With regards to the Out of Time Statutory Declaration, can I not simply state that I have been dealing with the DVLA? The council will know I am not lying as I have spoken and written to them about it on numerous occassions. How much does it cost?

  13. Have got the transfer details from selling the car?


    Type up a statement detailing the times dates of all that has occured,

    date of sale, date notified to DVLA date of alleged offence, statement

    of ownership of car the bailiff has levied upon, and hand it to the bailiff,

    get a copy sent to his office asap tomorrow.


    I don't have the details of the person I sold it to as we just filled in the V5 and I posted it off. Never even gave it a second thought until this parking fine came through the door! All I can remember was the bloke drove up from Leamington Spa. The DVLA know this as they are trying to do me for failure to notify change of keeper (as the new person obviously chased the logbook).


    I shall write to the DVLA again (senior officer) and also do as you advised about the bailiffs but just interested to know where the law stands as it is not my car. I would like to know the law so if he does turn up (i am conscious of fact its been nearly 2 wks) he can't try and bamboozle me with fake law lol.

  14. You must make a formal complaint to a senior officer at the DVLA,

    then they will be required to reply.


    What should I do in the meantime? This notice of seizure was dated 24 July, I only came back from holiday earlier hours of Saturday morning. How do I stand with the bailiffs? The inventory wasn't signed and it is for a car that is not in my name.

  15. I owned the car and sold it on (sending off the V5 to DVLA). The parking ticket was issued by Warwick District Council (i'm in Yorkshire and never been to warwickshire lol) about a month after selling it. I received a letter advising of the parking charge and wrote to the council, they told me i had to take it up with the DVLA which I have been playing letter tennis with them over it.

  16. Just returned from holiday to find a hand delivered envelope on my doorstep. Inside was a "notice of seizure of goods & inventory", on the inventory is details of my husbands car (an old banger worth nothing). The "debt" is in my name. Obviously no-one was in so nothing is signed. Just wondered where I stand and what I should do next?


    The debt is from a parking fine from a council (i didn't own the car at the time and I am in arguement with DVLA about this). Parking charge was £112 and bailiffs fees are stated as £221.38 totalling £333.38 owed.


    Any advice?

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