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  1. I don't quite understand how you come to the conclusion that I am immature or attention seeking. That implies everyone who asks for advice is that way also. You did not have to reply to my thread, but was obviously too tempting for you to ignore....maybe you were not 'on target' for your usual daily quota of insults. I did not ask for sympathy, nor do I require it from anyone. I asked for constructive advice, not insults. You say you did not wish to appear judgemental, but you certainly are, just as you are rude. I am also not interested in the vehicles you have chosen to own and why you chose to own them, just as I would have thought you would not be interested in the cars I have owned, or chosen to own, or my reasons for owning them. That was not the point of my original thread. Please do not waste my time, or yours. It really is not worth it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Have to say that is pretty bad that someone can lie and get away with it....or maybe I was just brought up to tell the truth?? Do people honestly have no conscience? I guess I have to give up then, and she'll just carry on smirking at me every day knowing she got away with it.
  3. Hi guys Back in December another car hit mine in a school car park..... I had reversed out of my space, and as I couldn't see around another parked car (not in a space, just dumped at the end of a row) to carry on into the main flow of traffic, I decided to stop and give way to a school taxi which would enable me to reverse straight back into another area of the car park. As I was stationary, another car reversed straight back out of her space and into the left near side rear (just in front of the rear wheel arch) of my car. I had a dent, her car was undamaged. She got out screaming at me that it was a stupid place to park, to which I said I was waiting for the taxi to go. Anyway, I filed a claim with my insurance. They 'wrote off' my old L reg car as uneconomical repair, and paid the money less my excess. I had to provide two detailed statements/diagrams as the other persons insurance claimed they could not read it when it was received, even though it had been typed..... I received a letter from my insurance legal team yesterday stating that I should agree to 50/50 as the other person has claimed we were both moving out from parking spaces. They also stated that if I decided to take it to court I would still get a 50/50 conclusion. I have spoken to the taxi driver and he says he remembers me stopping for him, but couldn't be certain. My question is, do any of you think I should take this to court, or just agree to 50/50? I am just so annoyed that this woman is willing to lie about what happened. It is pretty obvious I was not backing out from a parking space, I was well into the traffic area when she hit me. She just obviously did not take in what was around her before reversing (at quite a speed, actually), and to prove the point she has almost had me again twice since the original prang! God forbid if she ever hit a child in that car park, but I guess she'd lie about that too. Do I take a chance on whether the judge will be in a good mood.....or give up and let her get her own way?? Any constructive replies gratefully received.
  4. Wow. Thanks for the reply, but I asked for advice, I don't particularly care what your thoughts are on the car I choose to own, seeing as you have no idea what disability my child has. As my child is 11 years old I think I have enough knowledge concerning disability aids to know whether or not Motability could provide or help with the cost of a vehicle. I honestly thought the people on this site were helpful, not judgemental. I know now not to bother asking advice on this site again.
  5. Hi all, and I hope you may be able to give me some advice... I bought a 2nd hand car (Toyota Celica, 04, 82k) in March this year from a dealer in Lyneham. It was £3695 and I paid £1500 deposit, they took my old L reg Celica in 'part x' and gave me 6 months worth of tax for it. The car was wonderful....until the week of hot weather we've just had, then it started overheating and no heat was coming through the vents into the car. Straight away I rang the dealer and explained what had happened. He said as there was 3 months warranty he could repair if I got the car to him (38 miles away), I told him the car would not drive that far. He then said to take it to my local garage and ask them to diagnose and then call him back. This was done, and he agreed to pay for the faulty thermostat to be repaired by the garage, who after removing the said item, noticed it had been, as they put it, professionally bodged. Great. Sorted. Not. The next day, car overheated, no heat through vents again. Took it back to the garage and they diagnosed a faulty radiator, and also a quote for work. I called the trader again and he again said I needed to get it to him (RAC/AA) at my expense, and that he did not supply courtesy cars ( I have 3 kids, one is disabled. I NEED a car). He refused to pay the amount they had quoted, saying he could get it done there for half the price - yes, but I can't get the car to you, I said. He suggested using my breakdown cover - they won't collect the car from home and take it further than 20 miles. Ok, he said, drive it and then call them. I asked him if he would be willing to pay for and repair any further problems that may occur while I'm driving. No, because I know I shouldn't be driving it! Stale mate. I suggested a compromise. He pay parts, I pay the labour (which was more), and I get it done at my local garage. He happily agreed to this. Great. Sorted. Not. Two days later, I now have water leaking from 'somewhere'.....and no heat through the vents ;rolls eyes.... After taking back to my garage they have agreed to take the car in after Easter and remove the new radiator to check for leaks. If the new rad is faulty - no prob as their supplier will have to send another. If it's something else? What can I do? The trader is obviously going to dig in his heels and be just as unhelpful as before. I don't want to give the car back....I just want to be able to drive it without worrying that something else is going to go wrong. Do I HAVE to get it back to the dealer at my expense, taking into account that I have children, am single, and the dealer is over an hour away, and I have no way of getting to and from him without a car? Can I insist that it's repaired locally to me, considering he doesn't supply courtesy cars? Do I have a leg to stand on? I apologise for the long post, but just wanted to get all details out Thank you
  6. Thank you. I don't know how these people sleep at night themselves, knowing they cause so much misery to so many people for their living must surely play on their minds. Shocking!
  7. Thank you all again. I will be printing the SB letter and sending it recorded delivery tomorrow, and thank you for the link to OFT & TS complaints, I will take a good look at that in the morning when my muddled brain is clear
  8. Thank you too, Coledog and Bazooka Boo.... I'm so glad I found this forum - I think I'd be crouched in the corner, rocking back and forth slowly pulling my hair out if I didn't have you to turn to. Thank you
  9. Ok thank you Brigadier. I just don't understand how he could say it's not SB when their own copy statements show the last payment in June 05. I'm starting to doubt myself now!
  10. Thank you for your replies. Can I just check on this SB?? If no payment has been made since June 2005, but letters from the original creditor were still being sent to an old address of mine until Nov 2005 (which I did not receive), Lowells then wrote in June 2010 stating the debt had been sold to them, CCA request sent by me in July 2010.....would any of this correspondence have 'reset' the 6 year clock (which is why I've been informed it is not SB?
  11. After posting on this topic of Lowell Portfolio last week and breathing a sigh of relief once finding out this debt is Statute Barred......I have now been told (over the phone) that they are still pursuing the debt!! Basically I requested CCA in July 2010, they came back to me saying there was not one, and the account would be closed, all info would be removed from CRA's etc, etc. I then get a letter one year later in July 2011 stating I owe the amount....they did not remove my info from their files and have seemed to re-opened this account. I know I shouldn't have spoken to him, but he caught me off-guard and I had been in such a good mood! The smug git on the phone just now has informed me this was not originally a credit account (?) and so there would be no agreement, the 'reconstituted copy agreement' they sent me last week, which was basically a guide on how to order goods from the catalogue is, in their opinion, good enough to use as a copy of 'my' agreement. He says the account is not Statute Barred, even though I have copy statements from them which were sent last year, where the last payment was shown as June 2005, and that I will not stop hearing from them concerning this matter. I asked why they still have my data, why they are still accessing my credit report after they stated the account was closed.....he said because the matter is still in dispute!! How? It was closed LAST YEAR! How can it still be in dispute?? I told him I haven't given permission to use my data as they cannot supply a signed copy of any agreement, and he told me that once the debt was assigned to them, I have no say in who uses my data. I told him not to contact me by telephone again, to which he said my number would be removed (yeah, right). I just don't know what to do next....apart from break down in tears! Last week I sent a letter recorded delivery to their head office to complain that although I had been told a year ago that the matter was now closed, they are now harassing me again. Do I now send the Statute Barred letter, or the letter requesting confirmation of documents? Or do I just sit and wait for the court date to arrive? I feel like crying now, I was so happy last week after reading all your great replies saying there was nothing this horrible debt agency can do, and now I feel so miserable again
  12. Thanks Desperate Daniella I've decided to wait and see how, or if, they respond to the letter I have sent today in which I sent copies of their letters stating the account would be closed. Depending on the reply, I will then send the Stat Barred and possibly the request for confirmation of documents under CPUTR!
  13. Thank you all for your helpful replies. I will definitely be sending the SB letter on Monday, and will breathe a sigh of relief Should try to get them to delete my information from their records, and that of credit ref agencies? Or is that just asking for more trouble from them? I had sent the letter concerning this last year but they did not comply.
  14. Well, I'm going on the copy statements that were sent to me last year as their 'proof', as they could not provide the agreement, and the last payment date from these statements was June 05.
  15. Thank you for your quick replies PGH7447 - Last payment made was June 2005. Unclebulgaria67 - the 'credit agreement' they have sent is actually 'Your guide to shopping with Empire'.... It is just basically explaining how to order from the company, buying goods and cash back, home approval and returns, how to claim discount for recommending a friend, an order form, the Empire promise and how to complete a customer card. Sorry but I'm pretty sure this does not even come close to being a credit agreement. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought credit agreements included name/address, terms and conditions, signature...this has none
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