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  1. Unfortunately due to it being 5 years ago i can't say whether i did make the payment or not as its so long ago and to be honest i was a complete mess when it came to finances which is why i got myself in this position. Fortunately i have a supportive girlfriend who has "taken me in hand" when it comes to sorting out my financial affairs in the last year or so.The agreement is for £1400 so worst case scenario i can pay for it with a bit of tight budgeting but i'm just confused as to why this debt doesn't show on my credit reports for experian and equifax which is why i doubted that i owed them
  2. Update!I called Barclaycard and they said the first default on the account was May 2005 but apparently i made a payment of £100 in June 2006. I asked if the account had been sold on and who to and they confirmed that it was to HFO in October 2007!Any advice/ tips on where to go from here will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Brilliant thanks for your help i'll give them a call this evening and report back .
  4. Hi all,Thank you so much for all your replies I definately haven't paid anything on this policy since 2005 at the very earliest and it may be even longer than that. So I will definately give barclaycard a call however it was so long ago I don't think I have any info on the account itself. hopefully Barclaycard will be able to find my details using my name d.o.b etc...Are there any other questions i need to ask apart from when it defaulted and who it was sold to and when?
  5. Hi guys I'm a new member to this site, i found it when I googled hfo services harassment! I recently received a letter from hfo services saying that they had tried to contact me to offer me a settlement on a credit card I took out with Barclays around 7-8 years ago. i checked on experian and I requested a print of my credit report from equifax and there was no sign of any debt to this company on either one. I decided to ignore the letter as i thought it may be a [problem] but I have now received another letter saying I risk court action if I don't contact them. Should I be worri
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