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  1. hi they said i've had all what i'm entitled too but will kick back in april 2016 they stopped my jsa as housing benefit told them about the £35000 found that out today i explained to the council as soon as i started to claim h/b and ct benefit and gave them all my bank statements as they asked, explained i had a gambling addiction and i am getting help for it its with appeal but im already in 600 rent arrears due to not getting paid till 23rd dec due to them stopping everything

  2. hi i paid full rent no benefits only working tax credit then when i lost my job went on to h/b c/t and jsa and received nothing since, they stopped my jsa as soon as c/t and h/b had stopped with no answer so ive had nothing but £20.20 child benefit to live on for me and my son age 13 i started work 23/11/2015 full time but dont get paid till dec 23rd claimed working tax and they have stopped that i dont get any child tax due to an overpayment that will not start till april 2016

  3. hi not sure whether i'm in the rite place but here goes my mom died in 2014 and left me £35000 it was an awful time she died of lung cancer due to a hospital blunder not noticing her xray a year on and i nursed here threw it.


    I started online gambling on the slots when she was dying stupid as i no, i lost it all i've never claimed housing benefit before and always worked i lost my job 4 months after and ended up having to claim h/b and c/t benefit and go on to jsa untill i got another job


    housing benefit and c/tax has been stopped due to deprivation of capital


    i have been seeing a counselor for addiction to gambling and i haven't gambled for 5 weeks now and i feel really good sent all housing benefit my bank statements and they asked everything and told then the truth


    my jsa stopped a week later and my working tax too all threw this and i'm living on £20.20 child benefit for me and my son i did strat a full time job 3 weeks after all my benefits have stopped as we would of been thrown out of our home


    how will this turn out ive appealed it and heard nothing yet im ashamed of wht ive done and feel sick everyday i nearly ended it all untill i had to tell my family and no ive opened up about my addiction

  4. Im not sure whether om in the right place? but wondering if someone can help me. I've been in c/t arrears and the bailiffs have control over it now,They have put £42.50 in December due to visits but now the new law came in on the 6th april 2014 they have been round on the 7th april 2014 at 8pm tried my door and gate then posted a note threw with charges of £235.00 plus 7.5% which is £268.00.I am going the DRO at the moment and just waiting for them to send me the last form.Can they put this amount on when they have already charged the £42.50 can they put this amount on as last year there was a certain amount that bailiffs could charge.Also i cannon t find the bailiffs name on the register R.lesser.Sorry for alll the questions,What happens now after this fee is added

  5. hi can some one answer my question if possible ive just lost me job.I was working for a compny for 3 years and left to start a full time job in a care home ive been with this employer 9 days and i hated it i found the women talking about me and confronted them but the manger stuck up for them so i resigned but on the firday i did not go in they rang me and said im sorry but we could not employ you anyway as your crb has come back and it has acourt fine on it that you did not tell us about when i clearely told the adminin team about it.now i had to go up to the jsa and had my 1st meeting with them and told them what happen will i get jsa or will they stop it i have a 9 year old and now im worrid i will have no money

  6. Hi could any 1possibly tell me how long it takes the council to decided what they wil do about benifit fraud i had my interview and now it has gone to the manger but this was over 6 months now since ive heard from them im paying it back as they told me how much to pay back,but i want to know wethere i will be going to court also do they have a certain amount of time to bring this to court.

  7. Hi all not sure wether im in the right place but wanted to know if any one has any imformation on this.


    I brought a 2nd hand car of a mate for £300.00 and he said he would get it threw the mot for me i paid threw the bank so have statments.Now he canniont afford to pay for the mot to be done and it is still in the grarage.The mechanic has told me it is not worth £300.00 and there is a lot of work to be done on it.Th mate has now moved address but i have been texing and phoning him he did say he would put the money back in my account.Now the money hasent gone in and he is not answering his calls or texts.Also he has the log book and everything as i thought about paying the mechanic myself to get the things done but i dont even have the keys etc What couyld i do could the police do anything?

  8. hi not sure wetehr im on the right link but was wondering wether someone could help.


    Ive been self employed since sep 10 i work 10 hours at home per week admin.What can i claim eg water,gas elec my mobile and my internet.I was wondering how to do the percentages on this as i no you cannont claim for all of it im really struggling with the figures.My internet is £18.95,my phone is £13.50 per month my gas is £100.00 per month elec £100.00 per month and i buy pens an paper every 3 months £5.00. can some one help me on what i have put on my tax return as i dont want to get an account as its too expensive i also work 20 hours selfemployed for a catering firm where i claim my bus pass and shoes and clothes ould you help me on this too .

  9. hi i have now found out how much i owe £7.900 housing and £2.300 and £5,600 tax credits now im in a dilima on how to pay it.I am thinking of going bancrupt or using an iva as i just dont no what to do for the best.Will all my debts be cleared including the housing and council tax etc as this is fraud.They havent told me if going to court yet they have just sent me a letter saying what i owe them.i dont earn alot and im p/t i really dont no anthing about bancrupcy or ivas.But im now panacking on how im going to pay them,could someone help me oin this subject thankyou

  10. hi all i still havent heard any thing form the housing and its been weeks now? i was wondering if any one could answer my question.I am now paying tax credits back as i rang them and told them i had been claiming child care and they had stopped going over 3 years a go and i am now paying back £5000 but the housing beneifit will want me to pay the childcare that i claimed too is it right that i am paying tax credits back so do i have to pay the council too that will mean i am paying twice?hope someone an undersatnd what im saying?

  11. hi sorry ive been so long as ive been figurering it out!


    a few questions for you in the expendure why is it comming up twice eg i put in 98 and it comes up the same below is that taking it off twice?


    also do you always click enable to add them up

    also after 2011 is there another sheet for me to start again

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