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  1. Hello Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your help and advice. Thanks. I did book the hospital appointment after everyone got told about this meeting. However, I had the choice of seeing a consultant on the day of the meeting, or on a day when I'm at work, so I chose the earlier one because it meant I wouldn't miss work time (so I thought I was doing a good thing). I did give them notice that I was unable to attend the meeting. I think this boss just has a bee in her bonnet about it - as I know of two other people who weren't at the meeting but haven't received the horri
  2. Hi Thanks so much for replying. I will double-check my contract later, but I know there is no mention of extra meetings on there, but I can do extra, paid overtime on the days I am in. Under the rules of the contract, I work three days a week, and then charge for any overtime I do in the evenings after my shifts. However, my boss wants me to come in on my day off and not charge for it. Also, there was no acknowledgement in their emails about me having a hospital appointment - I am just expected in for the meeting as I've had plenty of notice about it (but the hospital appointm
  3. Hello My boss wants me to come in for long meetings on my day off (I work part time). I have refused and I keep getting very stern emails about 'not being a team player' etc. Other members of staff are not coming in for them either, but I am the one that is being picked up on for this. I also have a hospital appointment at the same time as the meeting so didn't want to cancel that. Is my boss within their rights to force me to come in? Can they make me put work before a hospital appointment? Thanks very much
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