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  1. I am looking for threads on capped data usage measurement and saw this. I had a £5 per month charge on my account with T-Mobile and in the end just decided it was easier for me (with wife and two kids) to switch to DD. I am seriously tempted to send the letter and see where I get. Its ludicrous. Off to search further on The Great Data Tariff Swindle.
  2. I have an unlimited data contract with T-Mobile and they have been trying to get me to change contracts and save money for a few years now. Every time they ask me to change, I say 'no', they ask 'why', I say 'just because', they say 'you'd save money' and I say 'okay but I am still not interested'. This call keeps happening this way because I know that capped data tarrifs are a bit of a swizz. For starters it's very difficult to find out how much mobile data you use 'on the spot'. You need to turn the data logging/tracking function on on your device and then see what you used 30 days later. At this point you have another, almost impossible hurdle to get over. The way they measure data ISN'T the same as the way you and I measure data. Once upon a time my wife purchased a 50MB/3 euro booster to use in Europe for email. That's email, not streaming audio or posting loads of selfies on Chavbook. Just text which is very efficient, but that said it's still outrageously expensive. Me having been in the IT industry for years told her that 50MB would be plenty just for emails for a few days till we got home, but to turn data measurement on on her phone anyway...oh! and to make sure she turned data on when she needed it and off once she was done. You know how these greedy little apps leech your data in the background, eh! So very unexpectedly, two days later she ran out. Stunned, I asked to look at her phone so that I could check her data telemetry and she had only received around 10MB! Huh!? I scratched my head, double checked and triple checked, but no it was definitely well under 12MB so where was the discrepancy? Now, I cannot confirm this theory but I am confident of it because all the pieces fit and if I were a CEO with stockholders I would be tempted to maximize profits in as complex a fashion as possible too. Bear with me here. All data communications require a protocol that both the sending medium and the recipient medium understand and use to verify things like the validity of the data. HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, IPX etc, they are all just different protocols that are used for different purposes. So protocols manage data transmission and different protocols do it in different ways, the overhead (that is the the control and management data that is sent along with YOUR data to allow the protocol to work correctly at either end) varies from protocol to protocol. In addition, the overhead will be greater for lots of small files and less for larger files. I don't know which protocol T-Mobile/EE for mobile data use but it would seem not be very efficient as they metered 50MB transmitted to our received 11MB. So T-Mobile/EE would appear to be measuring data INCLUDING protocol overhead in their pricing to customers as opposed to measuring what your device has received as usable data. Both highly misleading and very profitable. This is why if T-Mobile/EE never force me to switch tariffs, I never will. Unlimited data tariffs will never come back as we are set to consume and rely on it more and more. I could go on....best not. I was looking to see if CAG was already on this issue. It would seem to be in it's infancy, but I will have to delve further. Cheers Eden
  3. I received an update to my Morrisons Match and More loyalty card this morning. Simply breathtaking! Essentially, the card that Morrisons introduced roughly a year ago to combat the hemorrhaging of customers to Lidl and Aldi by matching prices and rewarding shortfalls with points, no longer does this. Instead, loyal customers will receive 5 points for every £1 spent and a £5 voucher for every 5000 points earned. This equates to a .5% discount or £5 for every £1000 spent! Put another way I would have had to have spent £30,000 to acquire the £150 worth of vouchers I have 'earned' over the last year, under the old system. I think switching supermarkets might save me more than 0.5%! Is is skeptical to assume that Morrisons have calculated that they have successfully distracted most possible defecting shoppers for long enough to now not worry? Lets hope they're wrong,eh?
  4. Hi, just my 2 pence worth. I have read a lot of this thread but not all so apologies if I am duplicating information. IMHO it is definitely worth acquiring a copy of, or demanding the right to see the video footage. A similar scenario befell a smoker I know at a bus stop near Margate, North Kent. The official involved approached the 'offender' claiming to have video footage of her cigarette being extinguished and left on the payment. The 'offender' pointed out that the cigarette end was nowhere to be seen so how could he have evidence of this. Reminiscent to earlier in the post, the official told the 'offender' that it had blown away and he was issuing a ticket. The 'offender' then handed the official a pocket sized cigarette end container that she carries with her so as not to litter the pavement with them. It was warm with the new cigarette end inside. First, these officials are paid cash 'bonuses' to issue tickets. This incentive is clearly too tempting for some as my case proves and may prove in this instance. Second, I am a smoker, albeit two an evening in my back garden, but if I were to take it up publicly again, I would carry one of these cigarette end containers about with me and most smokers would see this as a reasonable thing to do; whether or not they smoke roll-ups.
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