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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply. Im paying the min payment each month and have not yet SAR'd them yet to see if PPI exsists and a CCA request has not been done. The problem I have is time. The date the want a reply is only a few weeks away
  2. Hi Sorry if this is not the correct area but I couldn’t find an Opus CC area I have an old defunct Opus credit card that used to be Citi (I think). The original APR was average when the card was active but over the years it’s crept up and is now quite high at 31%. The balance on the card is about £4k and I can only afford the min payment. Ive received a letter telling me the APR is increasing to a staggering 44% !!! The final bit of the letter states: If you would prefer to repay your outstanding balance at your current rates of interest just call us by [date]. We will close your account and you can pay off your existing balance within a reasonable period and without incurring a financial penalty. Please note this will mean you wont be able to use your credit card (lol) and you must pay off any outstanding balance. I intend to write to them but I’m struggling what to say. I have not used their card in years (they closed & cancelled my account in Nov 2011). Any idea’s what I should do/say Thanks
  3. Same here ...this is the address I recieved my SAR from, but when I sent my initial 'refund me' letter the reply came from: Customer Relations Dept PO Box 9131 Leicester LE18 9DE I also think it is a bit off a lottery as to who you write to. My wife (via me) wrote to BC to another address and without a SAR had every charge refunded !
  4. ...hence my CCA request !
  5. Thanks .... Ive calculated that if I continue to pay their reduced payment of £200 .....but they continue to add their interest ...i will have died by then!
  6. Ohh sorry ...Ive paid them £3.5k and my balance has only reduced by £70 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?330144-RBS-CC-Reduced-Payment-but-refused-to-reduce-interest
  7. It was a basic CCA request to see what I signed for when I took out the agreement.
  8. Thanks ....does it matter if it is a credit card not a bank account?
  9. Hi The same address the used to accept my reduced payments too but refuse to reduce the interest because of my debt problem: Royal Bank of Scotland Card Customer Services PO Box 5747 Southend on Sea SS1 9AJ
  10. Hi On the 28th June 2012, I sent via recorded delivery a CCA request to RBS. I enclosed the £1.00 Postal Order but so far have recieved nothing back. The Royal Mail track/trace says it is "being progressed through our network for delivery". I know that bulk delievery does not get signed for induvidually but how do I prove it got deivered? Is it easier just to send another one hoping it get 'signed for' or would it be best to complete the Royal Mail lost/damaged/delayed claim for . ..I know from experience this will take about two month and will simply say the PO has been cashed - but not by who/where
  11. Hi Just resurrecting an old-ish thread that I am still struggling to resolve. I’ve wrote to RBS yet again trying to explain that they have agreed reduced payment of £200 PCM but their interest is just short of this and on several occasions have exceeded this. Since this arrangement has been in place I have paid £3,200 to them but my balance has only reduced by £67!! I cannot afford a penny more than what I pay but cannot continue with this, it’s just ridiculous. Add to this I send them a SAR, recorded last month but in good old Royal Mail fashion, it’s still being delivered. Any idea what I can do next? Here is their latest reply; Dear Thank you for being so patient while l've been reviewing your complaint and I apologise for the delay in my response. Following my review, I am sorry l'm unable to agree with your complaint about your interest not being reduced after you have advised us of the accident resulting in your current situation. From our records I can see that you wrote to us on the 14 January 2012 [2011] advising that you were in a road traffic accident, which resulted in you being signed off work for two months you stated in your letter dated the 14 January 2012 [2011] that your have been receiving a reduced salary. lt was advised in your letter that your wife*********** and was in hospital due to a ************* ln your letter dated the 26 February 2012 [2011] you offered to make payments of £200 a month back to your credit card account. At this time you were aware of your credit card account being issued with a Default Notice and a Termination Notice. A letter was received from yourself on the 14 March 2012 advising that you had been making reduced payments of £200 per month. You state that you had a balance of ***** in February 2O11 and despite paying off a total of £2,600 your balance was still ***** reducing your balance by £45. On the 25 April 2012 you wrote to us in response to the letter we sent you on the 2l March 2012. In the letter dated the 25 April 2012 you stated that you were disappointed that we can not reduce the interest which is being applied to your account. Unfortunately as advised in our previous letter unless there are exceptional circumstance interest will not be ceased to be applied. ln the letter we sent on the 27 March 2012 we enclosed a Financial Statement. This was sent to establish the full extent of your financial situation. Unfortunately we have not received a copy of your financial statement and without this we can not consider reducing your interest.[I did send this] I note that you disagree that in our letter dated the 27 March 2012 we state that you are in excess of your monthly interest charge. I would like to explain the meaning of this. You are set up on a repayment plan for £200, which you advised you could afford to pay, in your letter dated the 26February 2012. Your monthly interest each month is below the £200 which you state you could afford; therefore your payment is in excess of your monthly interest charge. I apologise for any inconvenience caused and I understand your personal circumstances. Having looked through the break down of your finances it has been established that you are able to pay a higher payment back to your account which would reduce your balance and lower your interest.[really ..!] ln your letter dated that 25 April 2012 your state that the interest which was being applied to your credit card exceeded your £200 repayment plan, this was because you made a payment of £180 in the month of June 2011 which broke the Terms and Conditions of the agreed repayment plan and although I can see that your made a payment of f22O in July 2011, unfortunately when set on a planyou can pay above the agreed repayment plan but not below as it registers as a insufficient payment. While I am unable to agree with your request for the interest to be reduced, as a gesture of goodwill based on the length of time your complaint has gone unanswered by us; I have credited your credit card account with £50. Please be aware that this is a credit to your account and not a payment, therefore you will need to continue with your payments of £200 a month. I believe l've resolved your complaint satisfactorily following my review. lf you would like to talk through the details of my decision please call me or a member of my team on 0845 300 8465 or if you have any extra information that you think may affect our decision please get in touch. We're here from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. lf you are unhappy with the decision and want to take it further. you can get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman Service. You'll need to contact them before 18 December 2012 - l've enclosed a leaflet with some information about the service and how they could help you.
  12. I think its now sorted, my email was a hotmail one that I set up to be re-directed to my normal one. Ive changed my email adress so will soon see.
  13. Thanks Its enabled via email immediately and the various threads are shown in my control panel. I also subscribed to this thread but nothing came through. It was working fine until about a month ago
  14. OMG ...Im just reading the thread now. Nice! Cheers for the link Although I will have to see what the SAR will say as I have no idea if PPI was applied to the 1996 account, at the very least there will be a couple of years worth of charges. Geordie
  15. Hi I have subscribed to various threads but I no longer get email notifications anymore. Has it been turned off? Thanks
  16. I have a couple of SAR's/Claims going for a few old credit cards etc, so I thought its timely to bring MBNA into my radar. I have had two accounts with them 1996 - 2009 (please let there be PPI on this) and another that I have just paid off, so I have sent off a SAR for both these accounts today. I will update this tread 'as & when'. Cheers
  17. Cheers, thanks for that. I cleared my MBNA card last month. Ive had it since 199something, so Ive SAR'd them today. Good luck with your claim, I'll be following this thread
  18. Hi up2meears. Can I ask a question re your PPI to MBNA. How did you know you were paying it? Were you allready aware or did you only find out when you recieved your SAR back? Thanks
  19. Hi I’ve subscribed to this thread because I’m about to start the ball rolling for reclaiming both PPI & charges from Shop Direct. I have my own thread somewhere in here & will update it soon but you are one or two steps ahead of me and I will be very interested to see what/how SD react to a legal claim via court. Ive SAR’d them, worked out my PPI refund (I was mortified when I realised I was paying this – at times £30 per month!). So in the next day or two I will be sending them a ‘refund me’ letter but I don’t hold much hope. So, I’m fully prepared, after eight weeks to take legal action.
  20. Hi I’m about to SAR RBS and if they don’t comply within the statutory limit I will them something along .... The time for compliance with my request expired on the [date] and as a gesture of goodwill I allowed a further 7 days to allow for Bank Holidays & general administrative delays. Should there be any doubt what my original request was, I have attached a copy of this request. If you do not comply fully with my Subject Access Request within 14 days, I shall apply to the County Court for an order to enforce compliance, together with legal costs & damages at the discretion of the court. Yours faithfully I did this with one creditor and a week later it arrived! But only threaten court action if you actually mean it. I was.
  21. Hi evilgumbo I’m in the middle of reclaiming from Shop Direct for 3 accounts (catalogues). I sent my SAR to the address below and specifically requested all the data for all 3 accounts, although they only sent one back, I eventually got what I wanted. Shop Direct Finance Company Ltd Aintree Innovation Centre Park Lane Bootle L30 1SL What they will send you back is a bunch loose A4 sheets of paper. The first few pages will be a chronological list of charges, interest payments etc. You’re looking for code 174G – Administration 12.00. If like me, you will spot it straight away because it’s every month (in my case sometimes I was hit twice). Also look for code 111G, this is hidden PPI payments I was not even aware of! Only one of my accounts had this but it went to 2003 and is worth £2500 ish. As a rough guide, I have two accounts with charges more or less every month for the past few years and one account with very sporadic charges and the total I will be claiming is about £3500 (plus PPI separately). A long way to go yet but…. Good luck!
  22. Cheers ims ....sorry for the spam! but in the monthly 'spend' column does this include purchases?
  23. Ah righto, so there is nothing I can do for all the PPI payments Ive made between Apr 2003 - May 2006 (first statement) even tho` I have the amount paid & date. Thanks
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