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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply. Im paying the min payment each month and have not yet SAR'd them yet to see if PPI exsists and a CCA request has not been done. The problem I have is time. The date the want a reply is only a few weeks away
  2. Hi Sorry if this is not the correct area but I couldn’t find an Opus CC area I have an old defunct Opus credit card that used to be Citi (I think). The original APR was average when the card was active but over the years it’s crept up and is now quite high at 31%. The balance on the card is about £4k and I can only afford the min payment. Ive received a letter telling me the APR is increasing to a staggering 44% !!! The final bit of the letter states: If you would prefer to repay your outstanding balance at your current rates of interest just call us by [dat
  3. Same here ...this is the address I recieved my SAR from, but when I sent my initial 'refund me' letter the reply came from: Customer Relations Dept PO Box 9131 Leicester LE18 9DE I also think it is a bit off a lottery as to who you write to. My wife (via me) wrote to BC to another address and without a SAR had every charge refunded !
  4. ...hence my CCA request !
  5. Thanks .... Ive calculated that if I continue to pay their reduced payment of £200 .....but they continue to add their interest ...i will have died by then!
  6. Ohh sorry ...Ive paid them £3.5k and my balance has only reduced by £70 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?330144-RBS-CC-Reduced-Payment-but-refused-to-reduce-interest
  7. It was a basic CCA request to see what I signed for when I took out the agreement.
  8. Thanks ....does it matter if it is a credit card not a bank account?
  9. Hi The same address the used to accept my reduced payments too but refuse to reduce the interest because of my debt problem: Royal Bank of Scotland Card Customer Services PO Box 5747 Southend on Sea SS1 9AJ
  10. Hi On the 28th June 2012, I sent via recorded delivery a CCA request to RBS. I enclosed the £1.00 Postal Order but so far have recieved nothing back. The Royal Mail track/trace says it is "being progressed through our network for delivery". I know that bulk delievery does not get signed for induvidually but how do I prove it got deivered? Is it easier just to send another one hoping it get 'signed for' or would it be best to complete the Royal Mail lost/damaged/delayed claim for . ..I know from experience this will take about two month and will simply say
  11. Hi Just resurrecting an old-ish thread that I am still struggling to resolve. I’ve wrote to RBS yet again trying to explain that they have agreed reduced payment of £200 PCM but their interest is just short of this and on several occasions have exceeded this. Since this arrangement has been in place I have paid £3,200 to them but my balance has only reduced by £67!! I cannot afford a penny more than what I pay but cannot continue with this, it’s just ridiculous. Add to this I send them a SAR, recorded last month but in good old Royal Mail fashion, it’s still being d
  12. I think its now sorted, my email was a hotmail one that I set up to be re-directed to my normal one. Ive changed my email adress so will soon see.
  13. Thanks Its enabled via email immediately and the various threads are shown in my control panel. I also subscribed to this thread but nothing came through. It was working fine until about a month ago
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