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  1. Thanks DX. Two questions. 1. The account shows as healthy, all green, payments up to date etc. Is it more hassle to chase it and remove it? Or are they likely to try and re-default it at some point in the future given they view the account as still having a balance? 2. If I write, should I also remind them their agents acknowledged the account as SB so they shouldn't chase etc. Is there a template letter? I don't have any proof other than RW's acknowledgments as the old account dropped off my credit file some time ago.
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but… I’ve noted today that Santander have put this account back on my flipping credit report despite it being long statute barred! To save going back through the thread the date of default was March 2008, Robinson Way came to chase and in May 2014 acknowledged the account is SB. Why have they now added this account back onto my credit record? It states the balance is currently zero, the account has a start date of 2007 but only has records of payments being “up to date” from June 2014, which is a month after their DCA agreed the account was not e
  3. Possibly. I would have thought them passing it on to a DCA would have meant it was closed. Robinson Way were supposed to tell them it was SB, obviously they neglected their responsibilities... I'll send the SB letter.
  4. Ah, that's what I was unsure of (whether it was considered harassment or not). Given it is still a debt (even though it's unenforceable) I wasn't sure if they were allowed to continue with this type of contact, but will send them this.
  5. Hello all I had a hubbub with Robinson Way over a statute barred Santander overdraft. This concluded in December 2013 with Robinson Way finally acknowledging the debt was SB and them "returning the account" to Santander . Today I have again received a Transaction Summary Statement from Santander, stating the account has a balance of circa £1000. They have, this year, sent it with an explanation of what this statement actually is (I ignored them for years) and it is in essence how much they say they are owed, and they send them at least once a year while the
  6. Another question - if I apply for mediation and the other party rejects it, does the case automatically go to court? I am liable for the fees, correct?
  7. Sorry - The particulars of claim state (in short) that as the company had at least 24 hours to notify me that they could not make the delivery on the original day I took off, they are liable for the additional day that I took off to take delivery of the blinds. I did make clear that if they had bothered to tell me that they wouldnt be able to deliver the day before, there wouldnt be a need for the claim. I read that they are only liable for the second day you took off, as you took the original day off anyway, hence the claim for the second day as opposed to the original.
  8. Thanks for your replies thus far. For those asking, my claim is as follows: £147.50 for the day off I was forced to take, this was calculated by dividing my salary by the number of working days last year – I can prove this was taken off with a signed letter from my employer £10 for phone calls I had to make to the company to resolve the delivery specifically £50 of additional costs for my time filing the claim with the court, putting together a defence, correspondance etc and potentially attending court Plus costs. The only relevant part of their terms and conditions I can find re
  9. Hello all, just after some opinions if you will. I placed an order with a company for some blinds that were advertised as next day delivery. This ended up being two days later as I placed the order late on the first day. I heard nothing from them on the first day, and on the day of delivery they contacted me at 2pm telling me that the blinds were out of stock and they wouldn't be able to deliver them for another 3 months (!). I was told to order another product, which I did, that was eventually delivered some time after the initial delivery was expected. I told them in my initi
  10. Just as I thought, thanks for the advice!
  11. Hi, silly question.Had an old account with Santander that was SB in May of this year and has dropped off my credit report. We are looking to make an application for a mortgage shortly, question is as they have the old account on their records but it is not legally enforceable will they use this in their decision making as to whether or not to approve our mortgage.I suspect the answer is yes but just wanted some clarity.Thanks!psyduck
  12. Just to let you know I today received a letter from Robinson Way apologising for the field agent's visit and informing me they have returned the account to Santander as it is statute barred. Hopefully a resolution finally - thanks for all your help chaps.
  13. I've written a strongly worded letter to RW today and copied my complaint to the OFT.
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