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  1. Hi, thanks for the response. So I take it that without it they can not take any further action?
  2. Hi everyone, A few months a go I received a letter from Lowell regarding an old Barclays Loan which I defaulted on in 2006 and paid for a few years before having severe financial hardship and was unable to pay. They sold the debt on to a dca and I sent a CCA request which they could not resolve. That was a few years ago. Then a few months ago I received a new letter from lowell asking for payment. Again I sent the initial cca request and followed up with the 2nd letter. They have now come back to me and said that after liasing with Barclays Bank an effort to obtain the document they have been advised that they are no longer available due to the length of time sinse the account was opened. They say they are untertaking an investigation into the account which will remain on hold until an outcome is reached and during this time I will not receive any further correspondence. my question is what does this mean. Last time I requested a CCA the DCA just responded saying that the document could not be found and the debt had been passed back to Barclays. Why this time have they placed it on hold? Or will they just pass back in a few months? What do you think will be there next move? I'm pretty certain that no CCA will ever be found..will they take action without one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanyou everyone for your advice. I think i'll send off dispute letters and see what they come back with. Most of my creditors are ok. Barclaycard are just nasty and deserve whatthey get. I've never known an orgnaisation who are as sneeky as them. Doing things like putting interest back on the account and charging charges when they had already agreed a payment plan. and just ignoring my letters! Its about time I fought back and let them know how I really feel. Its not as if I've not been trying..I've already paid off £40k! Thanks, m
  4. thanks for of you for your quick responses. I will do some reading up and then work out what my options are. None of my creditors know my phone number so at least I won't be hounded that way. Thanks for your help and i'm sure I'll be in touch. m
  5. yes, all are credit cards and loans. Northern Rock sent me the correct information. The others have just sent me a terms and conditions and my balance. So if I put the account in dispute what happens next? Sorry to appear so thick! These debts have actually made me physically ill and even the post man scares me these days! Thanks for your help. m
  6. Ok, I’m confused. I have recently sent out all my creditors CCA requests to try and determine if I have or had in the past been paying PPI. See below. I owe around £40k to various money grabbing institutes and thought it was a good way of trying to reduce what I owed. However instead of a signed credit agreement all I have received back is a copy of their terms and conditions and how much I owe? Am I doing something wrong? Does this mean that they can’t not take me to court for these accounts? How do I find out if I have PPI on the accounts? Sorry for the questions but I’m hoping that someone else has seen this before? I have already paid off over £40k of my debts which is around half and I’m nearing breaking point. I just want to know if just sending me the Terms and conditions is enough. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks, m ps I new to this so go easy with me! I am writing to formally request a copy of the credit agreement for the above account under sections 77−79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within the statutory time limit. You are reminded that should you fail to comply with my request, the provisions of s.77(6) will apply. I no longer have a copy and would like to check some of the details. If it is your view that you are not the creditor, s.175 of the CCA 1974 applies in the case of a simple assignment, and places a duty upon you to pass this request to the creditor. In the case of an absolute assignment, you are a creditor as defined by s.189. If you contend that you purchased the rights but not the duties of any agreement, you are reminded that s.189 of the Act is clear that an assignment is of both rights and duties. Your attention is drawn to ss.5(2), 3(b), 6 and 7 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPUTR). I enclose a postal order in the sum of £1.00, which is the statutory fee. Note these funds cannot be used for any other purpose. If you are unable to comply fully and properly with this request, you should confirm this in writing at the earliest opportunity, and certainly within the statutory time limit for compliance, and return the fee. We look forward to hearing to a response within 12 working days. Yours faithfully,
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