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  1. Hi peeps, I have COPD and have problems walking. I'm not bothered about extra benefits but I would like a Blue Badge. Under the new rules if I'm born before 1948 I can claim DLA Mobility.. If I'm under 64 I can claim PIP. I'm 65 and stuffed as far as I can see. Attendance Allowance (which I can claim) seems to be for folks who need help just existing. Any Ideas G
  2. I recently aquired a classic Mercedes from Belgium. It was brought to the UK a few years ago on its Belgium plates, the owner died and his family sold his car. I have no original paperwork for this car which has made life complicated. My local DVLA office has provided me with the necessary forms (V55 etc). I have the car insured and MOT'd plus a letter from Mercedes with the proof of manufacture date, all seems well so far. Yesterday I presented all the bits and pieces handed over vast amounts of cash in fees and tax.... Then they informed me they would have to inspect the car! My question is. I'm not allowed to drive it to the VIC without registration plates, however it still has its Belguim plates. Its MOT'd, Insured and Taxed so where's the problem? Answers on a postcard please:madgrin:
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