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  1. Sorry for taking so long to reply.Getting old .What is sb'ed?.Why would the balifs have issued a liability order if they did not buy the debt.do i acknowledge their letter!
  2. I moved abroad 8 years ago and left a council tax bill of 300 pounds.I did hear from the council 6mths later but heard nothing since.LAST WEEK I got a letter from the baliffs saying that they bought my debt and are seeking payment.should I PAY UP OR NOT.
  3. I moved to abroad in 2003 leaving behind a council tax debt of £300.Needless to say the council cought up with me 6 mths later.They sent me one standard letter and nothing since. Last week I got a letter from the baliffs who bought this debt and are demanding payment saying it was a liability order.Should I PAY UP or not.
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