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  1. Hi there I'm posting on behalf of a relative who recently visited asda to buy some holiday clothes. On the 31st July she attended asda and bought 9 items 2 jeans @ £10 1 jeans @ £14 2 top @ £1.50 3 tops @ £5.00 1 top @ £8.00 She paid with her debit card and left the store on the 14th August the police knocked at her house and accused her of stealing £40.00 worth of goods she denied this and the police asked her to fetch down the clothes she bought she also showed them a copy of her debit card payment. The police contacted asda who said that she had failed to scan an item of clothing however she denies this as the self checkout would have stated unexpected item in baggage area. she also had to call someone over for assistance because a item of clothing would not scan and as a result needed help keying in the number. she attended asda to query this they told her that on the day she had looked suspicious when she left the store security followed her to her car and took down her registration details this is how the police were able to track her address. she went to asda never saw any footage or asked for a receipt but she paid 14.00 to asda and was banned nationwide from every store. Today after thinking about it she believes she has paid twice and will be writing to head office to clarify. She needs a copy of this till receipt and also footage of the cctv. she's a mum of 3 owns her own home works full time she does not need to steal a 14.00 pair of jeans. she received another letter today from a solicitor acting on behalf of asda who states she stole 60.00 worth of goods and must pay 110.00 immediately this is made up of 60.00 goods and 50 admin fee. what the he'll are asda playing at. Do asda keep receipt data what should her next course of action be. Although she paid the 14.00 to asda she still disputes she failed to scan anything and wants an apology from asda. She refuses to deal with asda in ha the future and as a result our family have moved supermarkets to support her cause. Any information appreciated.
  2. After 2 years of claming benefits as a lone parent i finally get myself a job and the jobcenter bascially do me over. On 30th june this year i was told because my son had reached the age of 6 i wasnt allowed to claim income support and would be moved over to JSA as part of that i had to look for work so thats what I did. I got the claim sorted applied for work and had an interview it went well but at the time a decision had not been made. On the 12th July i had to attend my first signing day and was told i had an appointment on the 20th June to find out about the help and support available to me. For some strange reason i got my dates wrong and on the 25th June i rang the jobcenter to ask what time my appointment was for the 26th i was told i had missed the appointment and now i would need to get a decision from the decision makers. so 26th june arrived i sign on i explain my reason the woman sounds sincere and i tell them it ws simply a case of mistaken dates. on the 2nd july im rung by the company i went to the interview for and told im due to start on the 5th july, great news i ring the jobcenter explain i was to sign off and they said everyting will be sorted and outstanding monies owed. On the 5th after work i contact them again to ask about payment and they say they have sent a payment of £81 to my account i ask about the 4 week run on, the back to work bonus £250 and the in work credits and im told im not eligible because i missed my appointment on the 20th and as a result have been sanctioned. well thats it i go mental, i ask for a forum to be sent out so i can appeal, ive never missed one appointment with the jobcenter before how can they now do this just as i find work, surly a claim for JSA after 2 weeks does not invoke a back to work interview so soon when its normally done after 13 weeks. I have wrote an official letter of complaint to get the sanctioned overturned because quite simply if they refuse to pay the 4 weeks housing benefit run on then im not better off working that i was on JSA and quite simply put i shall beback in there making another claim for benefit on the grounds that the amount of hours worked is not enough to cover my rent and living expenses while waiting for working tax credits and other benefits to be granted. they have done this on purpose whats my chances of getting this decision overturned.
  3. I have been a customer of BAYV now for a little under 6 months, although still fairly new to the company ive had my first glimse of there tatics. a month after taking delivery of my tv i noticed a thin pixelated line down the right hand side of the screen I called the company and they booked an engineer to come and look at the tv. a few days later engineer arrived looked and told me that the tv would need taking in for repair and i would be given a loan tv in the meantime. he filled out his paper work which clearly stated that the tv was working and listed the errors that i had reported. a couple of weeks passed and i heard nothing from them so i decided to give them a call, although they had left me with a loan tv i wasnt happy because i wanted the tv i ordred, i got no where with customer service they told me someone would be in touch shortly with regards to the repair and return. anyway another week had passed and i recieved a call from BAYV telling me that the tv was beyond repair and that i would be required to sign some insurance forms in order to get the tv replaced. I was puzzled and asked why, i was then advised that the screen was beyond repair and that there was a large face looking crack down the middle. I informed the person that the tv i had sent in was only pixelated and i was then given a speach about owning up to breaking the tv because it was covered by there insurance. I argued with the agent and informed him very politly that i had not broke the tv when it left my home it was working and i coiuld confirm this. he then sent me a picture of my tv and to my amazment the screen was very badly damaged. were bayv pretending this tv was mine in order to get an insurance payout for a tv they had smashed previsouly who knows. I emailed the agent the image of the tv a day before it had left my house, i also emailed a copy of the reciept given to me by the engineer. I was then emailed once again informing me that the damage must have been done in tranist. if this was the case how was you not aware of this when your engineer filled out a reciept stating the actual problems. a week later i was contacted once again by bayv advsing me that a new tv would be delivered and as promised the new tv came to my amazment it wasnt the same tv i ordered ok it was 37" and it had the same name but the features were differnet this one didnt have picture in picture instead this one had a usb connection i wasnt really bothered about the picture in picture and rather than lose the tv again i left it. i was paying £12 a week for the tv plus insurance and because of the hassle i decided that i wasnt prepared to pay interest on insurance so have since purchased my own insurance and as such have reduced my weekly payment i now pay £7 a week a small price to pay for what ive got.
  4. I'm still in the property and receive full rent from housing benefit. I had no option but to pay the money I transfered the money through bank so have statenents
  5. Tenancy was signed 11 nov 2010 bond payment made dec 2010. If I wanted proprty I needed tenancy I'm a single father with 1 child I coukdnt afford wait
  6. Hi there, I have used this site in the past to recieved help and information from other posts however on this occasion I cant find the answer to my question. As it stands im currently in a private rented home and have been since november 2010 i made a payment of £350 towards a bond however the landlady stated that she didnt want anyone knowing about this bond, there is no mention of this payment in the tenancy agreement. I instructed her by law she is required top place this money in a deposit scheme and she informed me that she would do it after 3 months had passed. Well im still waiting I have sent email to ask about the deposit but still have not recieved no confirmation I have checked online to see if anything has been deposited but nothing, I am shortly due to leave this property however when i moved in the property was badly decorated and the carpets all worn i believe its the landladys intention to keep the bond money and because its not protected i want to try get it back. I have proof that payment was made and the other day i found a template letter basically advising my landlord / landlady that i because the deposit was not protected i want this money back other wise i shall make a small court claim however i cannot find this template letter please could someone help me found it. I have tried everything. Because there is no mention of a deposit would i stand any chance trying to get this money back. When i moved into the property, a local housing support officer was fully aware of the condition because this company provided a bond guarentee scheme for the previous tenants. would i be able to get a copy of his findings of the property when it was empty. i have since redecorated the whole property from my own expense and have cleaned all the carpets there should be no reason why this landlady should keep my depost but i dont trust her at all. Any information would really be apprciated and that template letter even more apprecated. I would like to give her the chance to return the money before i take it to court.
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