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  1. Wonder if anyone could help here? I was made redundant and had taken out an Mortgage Payment Protection Policy which will pay out for 12 months - directly into my bank account ( the insurers' policy to do this. ) I have been claiming Contribution Based JSA and this will be finishing in about 4 weeks' time. After that point, am I eligible to claim Income based JSA or will my MPPI payment be classed as income? It is to cover mortgage payments and other debts - credit cards etc , so I receive £700 per month. approx £550 of this is mortgage payment. Can anyone advise me if this is classed
  2. Hi all, I currently have an arrangement with my mortgage provider for arrears - equivalent to about 5 months payments - long story - partner left, left me with lot of debts etc. l am under consultation for redundancy - will know in fortnight. Have been with my employer for 2 and a half years - so will just receive 2 week's salary plus notice as they offer only statutory redundancy pay. I do have Mortgage Payment Protection and have had it since I started my current job - am hoping that this will therefore cover me for payments after the 30 day period lapses. My query though is about the
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