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  1. Hi, Sorry for taking so long to get back and thanks for all the responses. HFO has not said i would go to prison but have sent letters saying if i don't reply in 3 days then they will ask the court for an order or something to get further details about me. But they never mentioned prison that was me thinking i could go to prison. The last payment made on the card was about 5 years ago i think but HFO has never given such details in a letter so can't be 100% sure. I know it will be between 5-6 years. I think they do this so you can phone up admit to the debt and then they have you where they want you. I feel releived after all your comments a little as i thought i could go to prison for it. I have spoken to HFO in the past but that was me telling them the person they want does not live here, i have never told them i am the person or that i know where they are, i have never told them i am aware of the debt or made any payment for about 5 years. I have basically ignored all letters from them. I have one letter but the letter is just about i must reply within 3 days before they get a court order or something along those lines and it mentioned they can get baliffs to repocess stuff even thou it's my friends property and belongings. If they do come out maybe i should not open the door, keeps windows locked and tell them to get lost as it's my friends property. I don't have a scanner, well i do but it does not work. I will later type the letter up to show you what they had written to me, that is the last letter they sent to me. I also find it shocking how the debt has gone up so much and they have never included details on where all this extra amount they say i owe has come from, sounds like they are adding interest on the debt and/or fees. Not sure should i phone them and admit the debt or just sit back and see if i get anything about baliffs or a court, if they do send baliffs or i have to go to court will i get a letter beforehand or will they just come out? I think because it's coming to 6 years to my understanding a debt is barred as long as you never have responded, made payments or admitted the debt, i think they are trying hard to get there money before it's to late. Thanks everyone will reply later.
  2. Hello, I hope this is the correct place to post. Back about 5 years or maybe nearly 6 now, sorry not sure i had a barclay credit card. I was only 18 at the time and was forced to have one by the branch manager even thou i said i did not want one he convinced me to so i did. I have never liked debt and have always tried to not have any. Back then i had a partner who used my credit card to purchase tickets, if i remember correctly it was for about £250. They never had my permission to use my credit card but at the time they was my partner so was not going to obviously say they used my card without my consent in case my partner was done for fraud or something. Basically we could not get a refund on these flight tickets at the time and he never went away after anyway. Since then i have moved around allot and recently have had letters from HFO asking for payment of nearly £650 approx, not sure how it's drastically gone up so much but also the last letter i got it said if i did not reply i would have baliffs out, me being scared and worried i will go to prison i kept sending the letters back and phoning then anomonously and saying the person they want doesn't live here. They only ever had my mobile number but yesterday got a call on mates landline, not sure where they got it from, my flat mate answered and said nobody lives here at that address as i don't use his landline but somehow they got hold of it. I have never aknowledged the debt or said it was me who owns the debt and never replied back. Basically i am so scared that everytime i hear a noise i think it's baliffs or the police coming to get me. At the time the partner who i was with lost his job because there was no work and at the time i also lost mine hence why i never paid the debt even thou i did not buy the tickets on my card. Since then i have not been in work as have been physically and mentally ill for past 4 years and in and out of hospital having operations etc. Depression, anxiety and so forth. I am really not sure what to do as everytime i think about it i am in tears and cannot stop shaking as i'm so scared. I have a car on finance that i use to get to appointments from hospital, doctors etc as i have regular appointments and although the car is £5000 in total i am scared they will find out i own a car and take it. It also scares me as my friend said he don't want baliffs coming at his door taking his stuff away, everything in the property belongs to my friend. Could someone please advise what i should/need to do? i am just scared to be honest and don't know if they could take a car that is worth much more than the debt etc. Thanks for any help, advice.
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