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  1. I notice a lot of people commenting that they have been accused of re-applying for loans, but know nothing about it. It should be noted that most of the sites out there are brokers, once you apply on one of these sites, they continue to apply on your behalf for some time.
  2. CFO are def the lowest of the low, they will rob anyone blind if they fall for this, another favourite of theirs is to offer you a top up loan, they then lend you the money to clear your loan and give you a little, this is usually half way through the month, so you pay the interest, then take out a loan and pay interest again in the same month.
  3. ask to speak to someone in the "difficulties" section, they do have a dept for ppl who are struggling.
  4. they must have improved lately, they offered me a plan straight away, although it has rolled over a few times and I have had 7 other loans previously with them, all paid off ok. I explained my situation and that due to the rollovers and my situation, they should freeze interest etc, n they have done, have to admit, gobsmacked
  5. They tried the same with me, offered to give me a top up on the loan as it were, but when I looked at the agreement, it did detail the interest etc. It is a favourite of theirs, they offer you more about halfway through the month, then effectively lend you enough to pay off the existing loan then you take out the new loan at the higher amount. It is detailed in their agreement, they rely on you being just happy to get the money and not worry about reading it because you think you know what you owe. So please be very careful people, they are without doubt the worst of all. I owed 350, they offered me an extra £110 , by the time they had done, had I not spotted it , my 350 would have turned into nearly 800 , needless to say, I didn't bother, close though, only just spotted it.
  6. I don't talk to them on the phone except to say they should write to me.
  7. I had a call from a collection agency about my debt with them, Never recieved any notification about them passing it on to anyone else though. they are a complete joke, totally refused any offers of a repayment plan.
  8. Swift Sterling lol, what a joke , I had both them and CRS telling me they don't do payment plans, they both refused negotiation other than pay in full, so in the end I wrote to them telling them their behaviour was unreasonable, told them to either negotiate with me or take me to court, where I could detail their behaviour and extra charges. still not heard back from them, guess they're thinkng it over lol.
  9. I had the same text from them , they can't threaten to come round your house and remove things, this can only be done after they have gone to court and after you have still failed to pay .
  10. WDA, had an arrangement with them, but as i was ill for half the month, only had half the wages, made a token payment , but they said no way jose and passed it straight over to DCA for collection, so they can wait now. Cooperate and get paid that's my theory on it all.
  11. just email them back saying thankyou for the confirmation that the account is settled and that you never want to hear from them again, I doubt it will work, but it's a nice thought , if only for a while.
  12. clear as mud, what's the problem Some see it as a charge, limited discount for paying early, others treat it as daily interest and each day you pay early saves you money(wonga do this)
  13. Shifty sterling will not talk, negotiate or accept monthly payments, now will their debt collectors, shame, as they are near enough the only ones not getting payments from my lot of pdl.
  14. I tried going down the police and fraud dept(bank) road and both said no fraud and refused action as I have given them my details and have an agreement with them. This was despite 247 taking money a day before the due date(all be it by 4 mins) . Got nowhere trying it, would love to hear if anyone has succeeded and how. Have also just had the mucky hall passover call.
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