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  1. Hi, I'm filling TE7 & TE9 forms to submit to the TEC. Should I write my name on the Statement of Truth section or this should be completed by someone else ... ? Thanks !!
  2. When I was out of the country I've left the car with a friend just to avoid any problems (battery running out, tyres etc) since it was going to be parked for nearly 6 months. Once arrived I've parked the car at the front of my house again but then the next day JBW bailiffs knocked at the door at 7:30 AM !! I told these guys I've been out of the country for the last months and did'nt have the chance to address the problem. They were very rude, and they said that didn't matter. Having my car clamped they've left me no choice but to pay. I have a similar problem now with four PCNs from ham
  3. Yes I was away during all this process ... I can prove this with tickets, passport stamps etc, but I'm not sure what should I do if theres anything I can do at all.
  4. Yes, they've sent correspondence to my house, but since I was at 14.000 km distance i had no chance to read them until now ... Is there anything I can do ? Kind Regards.
  5. Hi, in September 2011, I've received a congestion charge fine from TFL, of £90. By that time i did not even knew I was entering a congestion charge zone. After receiving this notice I've registered immediately for congestion charge. I've been out of the country for a few months and now returned 2 weeks ago and I've received a bailiff visit from JBW group clamping my car and requesting payment for £840 or they would take the car away and the ammount would be significantly higher. I've paid £840 for a £90 congestion charge fine .. Is there anything I can do to get this money or at least somethin
  6. Hi, last friday I went to MINI park lane for a new car purchase, they showed me a few stock cars and they asked for a 1000 GBP deposit in case i wanted to go ahead for any of the cars, this would secure the cars (?). I have not signed anything, they just asked for this deposit and I gave them my debit card, just because I'm unaware if this is a common practice. They told me the amount would be refunded if i dont wanted the car which is the case but now they want me to sign a contract for a new car ... It's possible to get a refund, or they can force me to buy a car or lose the money ? I only h
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