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  1. Hi I am trying to decide whether to try to reclaim PPI from Egg as I have had a credit card with them for years (now closed and moved to Barclays, but still paying monthly) and several loans, including 2 top ups (one of which is still current, although no longer have ppi on it). I cancelled all my PPI products on mortgage, loans, credit cards (with Barclays and Lloyds as well as Egg) in 2007 and have some paperwork relating to some of it. However I'm pretty sure I took out at least some loans and my credit card with Egg over the internet. The card and initial loan
  2. Hi I have had huge problems with aboutcomms. They stopped responding to my emails and although they promsied to refund money I was paying out for a contract they didn't buy out, as promised, nothing came of this. In the end after waiting 8 weeks from time of complaining to them (go through the'contact us ' link on what passes as a website for teh company and ask for their complaints procedure and foloow it, copying everything you send) I went to my local trading standards, who contacted same in Gosport. Yesterday had grovelling email from a Gary Murray and the money in my bank by end of bus
  3. The phrase I used for claiming compensation from aboutcomms , apart from the loss of earnings because of all the time I had to spend dealingwith them, the bank, the insurance company , Ofcom etc, was 'compensation for undue stress and adverse effect upon my day to day life'. They have a duty to provide a service which is fair. You can also look on the OFCOM site and fill in an online form with brief details of your complaint (be careful- it's word limited but lets you go on and on then says you've exceeded the limit, so you have to go back and edit til it fits!) I did this originally and recei
  4. Just to say that they had previously promised to re-imburse me 'within 48 hours' for money I was being charged for a contract i couldn't use and they didn't buy me out of my old contract as promised at point of sale. Needless tosay, they didn't. Yesterday they promised the money would be in teh bank by end of day, and it was. Please go to Trading Standards- you are more likely to get these people to take notice as TS can force them to put things right and fine them up to 10% of their profits if they don't. Don't know what the small claims courts can do. Yam950-Contact Gary Murray (they w
  5. Hi You should contact your local Trading Standards- you can do this through Consumer Direct website. I did this when mis-sold a mobile contract by aboutcomms, who also then passed on my financial details to an insurance company who then proceeded to set up a direct debit without my knowledge and take money out. I contacted the bank and, under the direct debit guarantee scheme, the money was refunded. Aboutcomms refused to act on my complaints so eventually gave up trying on my own (you have to give the firm 8 weeks after you first complain) and contacted Trading standards where i live. They
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