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  1. Thank you everyone. He is going to put it in writing and ask why he cant have the holidays he has asked for. I will keep you posted x
  2. Thank you for the replies. Yes he does have an employee handbook and a contract. He has brought these home tonight and the relevant bits say: The holiday year runs Jan 1st to 31st December. You are entitled to 6 weeks holiday a year calculated at the rate of 1/52nd of the annual entitlement for each complete week of service remaining in the current holiday year In addition to your holiday entitlement you may take and be paid for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Carrying over holidays - You MUST take your entitlement durin the holiday year, holidays may not be carried
  3. Thank you renegadeimp. I shall await Emmzii's respone. Thanks again x
  4. No its definately right huggy. They are saying he can only take a maximum of 2.5 days. He put in for 4 days leave and was told he could not have it as its a maximum of 2.5 days per month that he can take in any one month. He has been up to the office this morning to try again and the secretary up there said he had been refused yet again becasue he can only take 2.5 days each month
  5. Hi everyone, hope someone can advise My husband has been working for the same company for around 3 years now. He works on average a 50 hour week with overtime. He put in a request for annual leave a few weeks ago and was told that leave is now restricted to 2.5 days a month. He is pretty peeved as there is a bloke he works with who has just gone off abroad for a week, he also gets his holidays carried over or bought back off him if he doesn't use them. My husband does not get this but they do the same job. There is nothing in my husbands contract that states he can only take 2.5 days
  6. Thank you raydetinu. The boss has been this morning and agreed the work isnt up to standard and has promised to complete the job to my satisfaction at no extra cost.
  7. We have at the moment, a firm of painters and decorators in to do some work paid for by our insurance company. They were one of 4 that quoted for work and the insurance company told us it was acceptable to go with them. They started work yesterday and to be honest its rubbish. We had brand new windows and door fitted 2 weeks agao and they have GLOSSED over the wood effect UPVC sills round the door! They have also splashed paint over a cast iron radiator we paid over £200 to have restored. The paintwork hasnt been prepped and there are lumps and bumps all over it. They also said they werent g
  8. Thank you both coniff- i dont have any details to pay them, when i stopped the DD the details were wiped from my online banking.How do i go about retrieving these?
  9. Hi dx100Uk Having found the original Toyota folder that has the details of the car in it, it appears i was never issued with a copy of the credit agreement. The folder contains all the information i was given pertaining to the car. In it there is a copy of the vehicle order form, a small information booklet about the car and a booklet about how to keep the car in showroom condition. I also have the same folder for the first car with exactly the same information in it - with no credit agreement for that one either? I am quite particular about these things a
  10. I forgot to add...they also included a letter addressed to someone else at another address informing them that they had defaulted also! This is obviously a mistake, but what do i do about that also? Do i send it to the person in the letter?
  11. Hi everyone, I had a car under a personal contract plan. i started this in October 2010. In february 2012 i had a letter from the dealership asking if i wanted to change my car. I took the opportunity to change to a car that was cheaper per month. Several months in and my hours were cut and we couldnt afford to keep up the repayments, i contacted them and asked to do a voluntary termination. The lady explained that there would be a lump sum due at the end of it but that i could make arrangements to pay. I surrended the car a month later. Th
  12. Thanks ericsbrother. I have emailed them again tongiht to be told if i dont get it by saturday let them know....but they dont say what they are going to do! Looks like i will have to wait till saturday. Im really not happy but theres nothign else i can do other than wait i guess.
  13. All i keep getting told is its in the terms and conditions. Which may be as well, but when goods are not fit for purpose then i dont expect to wait a month...and still be waiting. I agree wholeheartedly with what youa re saying Dweezle, they are shocking. I am a long term customer, i paid off my account last year in full which was just over £1500, and have paid whatever i owe straight away ever since and they treat me like this!
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