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  1. Many thanks everyone for the advise. I've realised that things are even far worse than I thought. I never even gave a thought to HB/CT as well - its all just so hopeless and too much.
  2. Many thanks for the info, went to the solicitor today but he appeared totally disinterested and said that a prison sentence was very unlikely and to not worry about it as he has seen alot worse, but obviosuly that will not stop me worrying at all as this is my life and my kids not his. I completly have no faith in him but was unable to find anyone else. The 'overpayment' in my savings will amount to paying back around £250. I discovered for a period of 17 mths has not realised (and it is genuine) that I didnt declare maintenance back in 2007 and wldnt have been entitled to IS. The over payment
  3. Sorry I cldnt add anything else as I 'lost' my typing, just wanted to say a thankyou to anyone who might be able to advise so atleast I can then consider my options
  4. Hi, I hope someone can point me in the right direction as I am not sure if I have done something wrong without meaning to but thats not how it will look. I recently received a compliance letter from the DWP asking for bank statements as I had delcared that I didnt have any savings. I once had £500 in it for a month which I withdrew and then the balance has always been £1 so I didnt bother delcaring it. After many sleepless nights I went to CAB who told me that it was just a standard letter that in theory I shld have declared a savings account even if nothing in it but that it would be abso
  5. Hi I have just received a letter from benefits compliance team for not declaring a savings account and they want me to submit all bank statements. As I know I havent done anything wrong apart from not declaring it - it was only ever opened with £1 and thats been the only balance! I just wondered if the compliance is the same thing as the fraud team, many thanks
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