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  1. Hello, I have contacted the Ombudsmun who seemed vaguely interested until I mentioned Autism. The impression I was given was that it would need to be an extreme case for them to take the matter further. If repeatedly threatening someone with disconnection and hounding them to the point of suicide and them being sectioned isn't extreme then I don't know what is. Last week and this I have contact the Citizens advice bureau who directed me to the Ombudsmun who directed me back to the CAB who then directed me to Community legal advice, who then directed me to both the CAB and the Ombuds
  2. Hello CitizenB, Yes. British Gas were made aware that he of his condition in January 2011. A mental healthl worker contacted BG on his behalf when he received a second Notice of disconnection letter and explained.
  3. Hello all, I hope I've posted this in the right place. I need some advice/general pointers on an issue a friend is having. He's Autistic (Aspergers syndrome) and has been a BG customer since May 2010. So it's a rather long story but I shall try to give the key points as best I can, if more info is required then I'll be happy to fill in the blanks best I can. He switched over to BG on to a 'web saver' price plan on moving into the property. Web saver offered online billing, energy monitor, was slightly cheaper deal than his current supplier. All seamed well he received the usual
  4. I could do I suppose. I'm just worried that ignoring them doesn't mean they'll go away.
  5. Having a similar issue with Muck Hall.. Recieved an email from them for a Gavin Jones. Did a silly thing and e-mailed back saying that I was not him (same surname but not first name) and please remove my e-mail from your mailing list etc. Muck Hall mailed me back saying thank you blah blah then they said they needed my home address so they could write and confirm this... I know a right load crap. So I called consumer direct they said it sounds like a phishing [problem], if I had debt then they would have my details. So they gave me telephone number for the police internet thing (was
  6. Thank you Followed your suggestion. Called the number, asked for complaints and a 'dead lock letter' for the FOS. Swinton wrote off the charges, admin fees and cancellation charges. And the policy is no more. Seemed the mention of the Obudsmun was taken seriously by Head office. Local branch were not as receptive. Thanks again, Gaz
  7. Hello all, Having a spot of bother with the Swinton. Not really sure how to go about sorting it. It's a long story so I apologise in advance. I took a policy out with swinton on the 9th of January 2013 for car insurance online. Two days later I received a courtesy call for a Swinton rep who explained that I would receive some documents to sign and would need to return them in 7 days failure to do so would incurre a £24 charge (Nice welcome). He mentioned my no claims and that I would need to send to a copy a.s.a.p. I explained that I had not received it from previous insurers. He t
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