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  1. I'm hoping this is the right place for my post. On Oct 27th I applied for a laptop on finance, this was accepted and I received it on 29th Oct. I brought a specific laptop for gaming purposes. Everything was fine, however on the 4th Nov I had 6 different Blue screens with error messages. I then uninstalled games I had placed on the laptop and re set to factory settings., the error continued. I then called Scan Computers on the 6th Nov and they collected the laptop on the 7th. This was the 7th working day it was collected. I have spoken to Scan computers today, who have said that t
  2. I am looking for some help with a default on my credit report. I have one default showing as satisfied on my report, it was placed on my file in 07.2007. Is there any way I can apply to have this removed from my credit report? How do I go about this? Is there anyone that has had a default removed? By the way the original debt was under £200.
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