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  1. I'm certain. I Spoke to the court today and they said that they will charge for every visit, and told me she would send me a "detailed letter" explaining. I have also written to Marstons for a full breakdown of their charges.
  2. I'll speak to the court again tomorrow and get them to send a more detailed breakdown setting out any limit on the fees and the amount of times an attendance fee can be applied. Up to now Marstons have added two attendance fees (£200 per visit) - three letter writing fees (£75 each) (£625 fees in total) and I am expecting another visit tomorrow.
  3. The thing that troubles me most with these exuberant charges is the way they seem to dwarf bailiff fees for any other type of debt. If I'm not mistaken, if the debt was for council tax: 1 letter and 1 visit would be limited to about £70 of fees... how they can justify having the fees set at amounts which will [imo] almost always be larger than the original debt is beyond me. As Baron says, if somebody can't pay the fine in the first place then there is not much chance they will be able to pay such excessive fees on top of that amount - and all at once.
  4. As per my post above - I am basing my posts on the experience I have had, where they sneaked a letter through the door at 6am, that put £200 in fees on the amount owed, which then enabled them to call again which added another £200. And the letter I have from the courts which I posted earlier states that their contract allows for a £200 charge per visit.
  5. But, assuming the bailiffs get their two visits in that would mean they get £475 - I find it hard to believe that a sufficient majority of fines are above that amount. (even at the initial £275 it would be a push) It just doesn't seem logical that they would pay the bailiff out of the amount owed to the courts, with a view to actually recouping any money owed.
  6. Can I ask what leads you to believe that tomtubby? That would seem to be a very bad deal for HMCS, also how would it work if the fine was less than £275 (or £475 if they make a second visit, which considering they pulled a ninja worthy effort of getting a letter through my door at 6am which allowed a second visit and subsequent £200 charge, is a likely scenario)
  7. I forgot to add, there's a second page to that document I posted which points out that Marstons are not contracted to perform any arrests so that specific fee isn't applicable.
  8. Here is a copy of a letter I got in response from the courts about the bailiffs fees (magistrates fines)
  9. Can I raise a point in regards to proving a letter hasn't been delivered.... Ever since my recent bailiff problems began, I fitted a cheap USB webcam looking out through the windows above the front door... the camera cost £8, a USB cable long enough would have cost more than the camera so I just made one from a normal USB cable and old wire that we had in the house (it's only 4 coloured wires, so it easy to DIY extend it) and I'm using a free program called "Debut Video Capture" to record it. You could also create a free account on something like BlogTV and have a live stream if you like too all for £8 for a cam if you don't already have one and a bit of simple wiring. I have quite a funny vid' of a ninja bailiff tip toeing up the path and slipping a letter through without making a sound (it is actually quite impressive how he done it, the mic in the camera is very good and picks up the faintest noises) I have since been leaving an empty deoderant can in the letterbox nook on the inside of the door (purely for fun, I just want to see him jump next time he tries his ninja act at 6am and the can bounces off the tiles in the hallway) As most of us obviously have a PC in the house, there is little reason not to have it IMO. It will also be useful for when they come knocking threatening to have people put in the stocks or whatever nonsense they feel like spouting that day. Anyway, I hope this helps somebody get one up on the jumped up little bully boys. *edit* or bully girls, I do believe some of them are of the lady like persuasion (i'm afraid I would need a doctors letter to believe some of the ones I have seen are actual females, they made me feel feminine)
  10. And the "without damage" bit is EXTREMELY important! if you do end up doing it, you want to take plenty of photos of the clamp while it is on and video it while you do it. An old sheet to wrap theclamp up will help stop any scratches. Hopefully, they will cancel the bailiff and he will come and remove it himself though. Here is what you will have to do if it is put on *properly* and on the front wheel... youtube.com/watch?v=0QkM-dWAXOs&feature=related
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