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  1. Hello HBI checked the letter again and their was a reference number. I Sent a letter off to them yesterday. I am praying they will let me settle out of court. I will let you know the outcome.Thank you again for all you help and advise. This forum is fantastic. It has really helped me.Kindest regards, Caragh
  2. Thank you very much for your reply and advise. I do not have a reference number but I do have the name of the man who spoke to my mum. I will send a letter of apology on Monday. Thank you again for your help.
  3. Yes, I had a letter on 8th May 2011 saying the facts of the incident were being considered and that legal proceedings may be initiated against me regarding this matter and I could write to them on the reverse of their letter with any comments, which I did and sent the letter back on the 10th May. My mum rang them on 28th June to see what was going to happen. This is when she was told a summons was going to be sent out to me.
  4. Thank you HB. I am worried that when the summons arrives I wont have enough time to write to them because the court date could be within days. I can't express how scared I am.Thank you so much for your prompt response.
  5. Hello again HBI haven't heard anything from the experts on here. Could it be they haven't seen my thread.Before I receive the summons do you think I should contact the prosecution department and apologise again for the mistake and misunderstanding with this card and to say I had no intention of fare evasion. I am the only one in my family who has ever used this card and I genuinely thought the card was for my use when it was given to me. My future career will be over if I get a conviction.Do you think they will allow me to settle out of court? I will pay the fine and all of the costs in or
  6. Hello HBThank you very much for replying.The card was taken off me when I was being questioned. It was an oyster card with staff nominee written on the top of it. No name was on it. It is supposed to be used with a photo ID card but my step mum did not give this to me with the card so I did not know I had to have photo ID to use it. If she had given me the photo ID I would of know then that the card wasn't mine and I would not of used it.My dad had filled out the form to have the card put into my name but he forgot to return it to his office.My mum phoned the prosecution department a few da
  7. I hope you can help me. I am waiting for a summons to arrive from London Underground Prosecution Dept because I was travelling using a staff nominee card that I believed was in my name but it was still in my step mums name. My dad is a train driver for the underground and has been for a number of years. He told me last year that he would get the travel card changed from his wifes name to mine because she never uses publc tansport. A few months later she gave me a card . I started using it thinking it was in my name. I am a student and I am going to University in September to study nursin
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