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  1. I'm not sure but maybe you guys are... but is it a norm to charge for "direct debit interest charge"? For me, it's £93.34. Seems excessive. Thanks
  2. I received a letter Today 27/03/13 which seems inaccurate as it states a few things which is not true. anyway, ill debate that further with you. I sent the email. thanks
  3. Hi, I attempted to contact the Vodafone rep on this forum but noticed I need at least 30 post count before I would be able too, typical. Anyway... Vodafone on February 2013 added an account to my fiancee's credit file, listed as defaulted. On August 2012 we attempted to deal with this with Vodafone's debt collector, FPC. However, FPC no longer deal with it and instructed us to contact Vodafone - that was January 2013. We contacted Vodafone but unable to verify account information because the address given does not match nor does the sort code. It is funny, because FPC has
  4. Well... If I've ate something that I did not wish to eat, then I'm going to be one of those that does something about it. I'll back down when you eat one of my beef, or chicken dinners... have a bite.
  5. You assume I eat all that? Or most likely do because the products are falsely labelled. Why don't I make a few products and label it as something else, would you like to try it - give it a taste?
  6. If you want to eat horse meat, go right ahead but don't expect others too.
  7. I've taken the readings myself, and actually tried to keep them down.
  8. Hi, Our last bill from ScottishGas for Gas was £180.38 from 22 Jan (9832) - 31 Mar 11 (9983). We used 151 imperial units in 69 days. We're living in a 2 bedroom flat. Myself and my fiancee moved in to this place on 31 Nov 10. So, we're not really sure about energy bills however, this does seem quite high. I queried the bill but would have to pay a fee to have someone look at the meter (we just left it). We're on the standard dual fuel tariff. Now, our Electric bill was £65.51 (with credit applied) from 2 Feb (00055) - 31 Mar 11 (00532). I feel that this seems more realis
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