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  1. Hi all, Thanks in advance for your assistance, my wife has receive a letter today with the below information: "My records show you have an outstanding balance of £279.72 in respect of ****** (address) for the period 7.1.13 to 17.2.13" My question would be ... is this enforceable and would the statute barred rule come into play for the amount of time that passed? Thank you
  2. Ok Ims thanks anyway
  3. Hello Sorry if this is in the wrong place but i had a Bank account with HSBC over 6 years ago and i know when i was younger i was not very good with my money and was forever getting charged by HSBC for either going overdrawn or payment charges. I have called HSBC and they do have me on file having a bank account but cannot bring up any statements as it has been closed too long. Is there a way i can retreive old statements and claim my charges back? Thanks
  4. Thanks Brigg, It's a weird one.... I have not paid anything since June 06 and there is nothing on my credit reports? Regards
  5. Phew, Thanks guy's. Appreciate the quick response!!
  6. Hello, I accidently sent a Statute bared letter a few months early to a DCA. Would this be taken as acknowledgement of the debt and render the 6yr period obsolite as from the date i sent the letter? Kind regards
  7. I have checked 2 out of the 3 CRA's and nothing showing, Also i have been hounded badly since roughly Nov with phonecalls from Crabot which i have ignored
  8. I did have a connection with them but the last payment was nearly 6 year ago (July/Aug 06) so its not quite SB yet is it? Still nothing is showing on my file.........
  9. Its also showing as a unclassified search at my current address but a outstanding debt search at an old address, and the debt they are apparently chasing is not showing on any of my reports on the credit ref agency web sites?????
  10. I have just looked and it show's up under previous searches, So i can see it?
  11. Hi citizenB, How will i find out if it can be seen by others? Regards
  12. Also the oringinal debt dropped off my credit report a long while ago, Can Cabot reinstate this onto my file?
  13. Hello, What implications will it have the Cabot have finaly searched my credit file after nearly 6 yrs? Any replies are greatly appreciated Regards
  14. Hello all again, been reading a few different topics on here tonight and everything is slowly (VERY) sort of making sense....... Yesterday i posted up a Credit agreement Crabot sent me out of the Blue. Im pretty sure this is a scare tactic and am i correct in thinking that this has no substance as it does not include the full T's&C's? Im going to wait to see what they send next but i would really like to know what (IF ANY) info Barclaycard and M&S have on me, Am i correct in assuming this would be my next move, sending a CCA request? SORRY IF I SEEM TO BE ASKING THE SAME QUESTIONS BUT I HAVE BEEN LIKE THIS SINCE MY SCHOOL DAYS, IT TAKES A WHILE TO SINK IN!
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