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  1. Sh*t! I just read this on their website. Looks like i did make an error. DAMN!!!!!! "You can pay in advance or on the day of travel. If you don't pay by midnight on the charging day after you drove in the zone, you'll get a Penalty Charge Notice."
  2. I can try but i doubt that will make a difference as formal representations must be made in writing.
  3. Ok, here's the situation... On Friday i drive in to the Congestion Charge zone. I forget to pay charge that day (for those of you who are unaware you are allowed to pay the charge up to midnight the following day) So, the following day at around 22:15 i go on to TFL's website to pay the charge but, i am greeted with a notice, which tells me the website is undergoing maintenance and they are unable to take payments. The website should be back up on Sunday at approx 1am. MMmm, funny how it is back up one hour past the time i am able to pay the charge don't you think? I read further and it tell me that i am able to pay by telephone but, the lines close at 22:00 on a Saturday. I am able to pay in a shop that supports PayPoint but in shops i am unable to pay for the previous or following days. So, in other words i am unable to pay for the previous day so i can expect a fine through the post. I feel this is greatly unfair of TFL. They give people the option to pay the following day and when they do that option is suddenly not in operation because of website maintenance. It was very funny how the rest of the website was in perfect operation but the only part they needed to maintain was the payment section. I feel this is a right stitch up and something TFL do to pull in extra money from motorists. I am going to appeal but am interested to know what people think of my chances of an appeal being a success.
  4. No i understand the difference between the two. I atteneded a court case in which my friend took out a HP agreement and argued that it was unfair. He won the case, had the remaining balance written off, was paid compensation AND was able to keep the vehicle! Believe me i know this is possible! I just have to go through my agreement with a fine toothed comb.
  5. Why is this not an option? I know people who have done exactly that.
  6. In 2007 i took out a hired purchase agreement on a car from Bank of Scotland. I am in my final year of the agreement with only four months left before i have to pay final balance. The strange thing is four months ago they stopped taking payment from me (I have a standing order set up). A few months ago i recieved a letter from Bank of Scotland stating they have transferred this agreement to Lloyds but all payment details will stay the same. Fair enough i thought! Last week i recieved another letter stating that the agreement has now been transfered to Lex Autolease, which is also part of Lloyds telling me to set up a new standiing order with them. I find all of this ridiclous as i do not feel it is my job to chase them to collect my money. This should have been done automatically without any problems. Now, i have recieved a letter from Bank of Scotland telling me that the account is overdue. What i would like to know is what are my rights in this case? Are Lloyds and Bank of Scotland now one? I need to request my original signed agreement but as far as i am concerned i took this agreement out with Bank of Scotland, not Lloyds or Lloyds Lex Autolease. Any suggestions? Could i potentially write this off and keep the car?
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