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  1. Date of warrant of execution was 4th April 2011 He has 2 different amounts of money being requested: - 1. the court says £766 2. bailiff says slightly under £2000 He's been advised to fill out form N244 - we don't know what it is for can anyone advise?
  2. Hi all My brother has had his vehicle taken by bailiffs and they want £2000. They had no right to take it as it was for "YOUR USE PERSONALLY IN THE COURSE OF YOUR BUSINESS OR VOCATION" The background to this - "Truck Taken, Trespassing Parking warden £1100 wanted" in "Traffic Offences" forum. consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?311148-Truck-Taken-Trespassing-Parking-warden-%A31100-wanted(1-Viewing)-nbsp 3 Questions: - What law specifically have the bailiff company broken? How can I word a notice asking them to cancel the debt, return the vehicl
  3. He ticked a random box on the "out of time witness statement" hoping to buy some time. None of the boxes applied to him and he said this to a court worker who could not help. Vehicle is worth c. £3000. Marston Group is bailiff company.
  4. Brother received decision today that he is being held liable and is to pay £2000 to get his vehicle back. I don't have the vehicle's value or bailiff company name yet. @ tomtubby - "Has he checked that the bailiff is certificated?" - Do you mean bailiff as in the man or as in 'bailiff company"? Brother been told he can appeal. His old job has failed to do what they said - hard to prove but am considering lawful or legal action personally against those responsible at the old job. Can I send a "Notice To Pay" with say 14 days to respond in substance to his old job or one
  5. He was under no obligation to pay the £100 as his job said to him he was safe to park the work van as they held an exemption certificate. The debt has never rightfully been my brothers'. Since he left that job, the actions of his former employer are visibly having a negative impact on him emotionally and financially. He was no longer an 'asset' and therefore company 'resources' were not allocated to aid him. This is having the effect of an attack on him at the evolutionary/DNA level 'killing us softly' - how many poor people are STILL programmed to accept this behaviour and blame people of s
  6. Thanks for help so far. More info from brother : - Oct 20 2010 Got PCN £50. If paid within 14 days - £25. He handed PCN in to job for them to cancel it as job holds exemption cert RE: PCNs. Feb 2011 Letters arrive from council saying cost has doubled as not paid within 14 days (£100 now wanted). Brother phones old job who confirm they will sort the matter out. April 2011 Brother leaves job. May 2011 Brother receives letter from bailiff demanding £300 (6 times original cost). Brother speaks to old job and this time they deny all knowledge
  7. Hi all, back with more info regarding my brothers meet with fire:- He filled out an "out of time" witness statement form two weeks ago today. He spoke to the borough and the courts and each has said they are waiting for the other and it could take up to a month. In the mean time he cannot work. I'd hope compensation is coming forth...
  8. Hi CAGgers My first post. Two wrongs :- 1. My brother had his work van ticketed in an area parking wardens are not allowed to enter. 2. His truck taken away from outside his house by alleged bailiffs who now demand £1100 to resolve it. He was doing major gas pipe work on the main road and had coned off a section of the road for health & safety reasons and to park his van within. A council parking warden entered the coned area and put a parking ticket on his van. He tells me his van, although his, was exempt from parking tickets as the company he wor
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