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  1. The PPC (AS SECURI-T LTD) is now dissolved (as of 19th June 2011) but I have begun to receive letters in August from a "Roxburghe Debt Collectors" (Roxburghe (UK) LTD) pursuing the full "parking charge Notice" amount plus "late payment charges"! How does the fact the "debt collectors" client is a dissolved company effect this? And is it better to ignore it or to inform the debt collectors I dispute the claim from their client?
  2. Good point! Nope - I checked the sign today: the parking is for customers of the shop and the gym. So lack of log entry would not discount the possibility of using the shop, let alone using the gym without logging it. In this particular case there is no charge for parking anyway, so I can't see how the charge could possibly reflect losses incurred due to a breach of the terms on the sign... ... yet if you park and therefore implicitly agree to the terms on the sign - including the charge for breaking their code - does this mean you've agreed to the amount of the charge in the case of a breach despite the fact it is many many times over any conceivable loss to the provider?
  3. Good evening all, I've searched the this forum and sticky threads. They have been very enlightening and useful, but I still have a couple of questions.. Firstly in general, under what circumstances should the RK of a vehicle simply just pay the invoiced amount received from a PPC and not try ignoring/appealing? And specifically: If the car park provider's premises have a book in which customers may log their vehicle registration and time of use of the premises, then how does lack of a log entry for a vehicle registration covering the time when the parking charge notice was issued effect the validity of the charge? Obviously I've heard of somebody receiving a charge notice issued on the same day (although not necessarily the same time) that they were using the provider's premises and did not log their registration to show when they used the premises. I would like to know what is the best advice in such a case and greatly appreciate your help!
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