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  1. Hi The other benefits is DLA, I shouldnt have written anything in for gas and electric as I pay both as I need it, and I put the entertainment down as sky tv and broadband. I wasnt too sure of the form. Without sounding crazy my husband and I had a bad relationship where he was physically violent towards me, I really dont ever want any contact with him again and I think the last I heard was that he was out of the country living! I dont want him to have any part in mine or my childrens lives. Thanks for your help, I am at my whits end, I am expecting again too and I havent stop
  2. Hi I was unsure of some if the quesitions on the form so Ive filled it out to the best of my ability, also the normal monthly payment is £816.42 on interest only, and the DWP pay £351.00 towards it and I pay £101.32 myself. hjfkyh.xls
  3. Thank you I look forward to replies, I think my Blood Pressure is sky high with the whole thing! Nic
  4. Please someone help, I dont know what to do. I went to court last June regarding arrears I had to Amber Home Loans, I am a single mother with 2 children and one on the way, my husband left me and is know where to be found! I lost my job and couldnt afford to get my children into a creche whilst I worked so the judge suspended the re-possession order on the terms that the DSS would pay some money off my arrears and that I was to pay £75pound a month towards my mortgage and £25pound a month off my arrears which then were around £9000. So on the 30th of each month from June 2010 I paid £101.32
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