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  1. I can not believe the closed mindedness of this Bank worker, but it just goes to show their mentality!!!
  2. Evening all, Just a quick update on this thread - Loan extinguished and entry on CRA removed Wonga have also confirmed that mum wouldn't have passed new affordability checks and have wiped debt and removed CRA entry. - Never originally received email in Oct as loan had been sold on to DCA Think it's worth complaining to any PDL companies if you think you wouldn't have met lending criteria - we took the chance and it paid off
  3. Thanks Silverfox, I am very dubious about they way these companies phrase things, and as they didn't actually say 'we confirm that we will not sell it on' thought it was best to check.
  4. Evening all, A few years ago my mum foolishly went to PDL companies for help when things went bad - she was ill and quite vulnerable and ultimately ended up taking an overdose to escape the constant badgering from these companies when she got into the inevitable mess. (this is when I became aware) I made a complaint to one of my mums payday loan companies because 1) they were reporting different things on different CRAs and 2) I believe they had irresponsibly loaned her the amount. Their response was that they hadn't irresponsibly loaned the money, as my mum had tic
  5. This is still ongoing at the moment, but I will update the thread once it's been sorted (or not!!!!)
  6. These were sent to a vulnerable person and threats that the agreed token payment would be stopped and court papers filed etc if not filled in. (unfortunately, we had not discovered CAG at the time or had any idea what lies creditors told)
  7. Morning guys, I wonder if somebody can help me please. Would the above act for harassment include over frequent requests of I&E - i.e. Token payment accepted for a store card debt and company fully aware of circumstances of long term illness yet a request for a I&E be completed every 2-4 months Thanks
  8. Sorry DX, I think I have thrown you off here talking about Creation - OP hasn't said who OC is,
  9. Out of interest Pupter, who was the OC? I'm currently going through the same thing with Creation Finance - they defaulted mine 22 months after last payment so means my CRA remains trashed for another year and half. I've made a complaint to them regarding this as I believe the amount of time they took to default was unreasonable - They also had AP markers on mine until the countdown, despite the account being in dispute and no payments made. Plus I never ever received a DN
  10. Ahhh, I see. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll complain to creation first anyway as I'm interested to know why they took so long to default it? I could do with cheering up and I'm sure their Jackonory will do it!! And if they don't change the date I will make a complaint to the ICO anyway. Thanks again DX
  11. Thanks for that DX, I was just looking on the ICO website for it. That says that they should default between 3-6 months, as I suspected, but your 'but' above makes me think I'm missing something? (it's late and I'm a bit slow anyway ) Can you let me know if I'm missing a point somewhere please. I have just been reading through DBYs thread who had the same problem and it seems I am going to have problems getting this corrected. Thanks for your time DX
  12. Am I able to make a complaint to Creation Finance (and FCA? or ICO?) about the amount of time they took to default this? the debt became statute barred on Friday, but will appear on my credit file for another 22 months because they defaulted 1 year and 10 months after last payment? Thanks guys
  13. Hi DX No it's not that one, that one is paid and gone. This is an old Adams store card that was being paid back with token payments since 2006 and put into dispute back in 2009 as they failed to provide any CCA. The account as far as I remember has never been sold on to a DCA, the only action since 2006 (when token payments started) has been random fees and interest added: Statement date 6 August 2007 Interest for Purchase £5X.XX Statement date 5 September 2007 Interest for Purchase £5X.XX These two additions put it over limit Statement date 3 Ju
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