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  1. Ok, the plot thickens! I have just spoken to my son who has spoken to the funeral directors. My son asked for a copy of the contract to be sent out. The FD said there isn't a contract as such, just a copy of the estimate with my sons signature on it. He has also said that they have in fact sold the debt to to the Debt Recovery Bureau (although the letter from them states; "we have been instructed by the above named client in order to fully recover the outstanding amount", and that it is now out of their hands) yesterday when I called the FD said they would contact the DRB to see what they coul
  2. Apologies to all who have gone to the effort to find info on this company, I posted the wrong Consumer Credit Licence Number (I was so upset yesterday) The correct number is; 580191
  3. Thanks to all who have posted, my family are trying to get the money together to pay in one go in the next week or so, we will take the money directly to the funeral directors (aalthough the Debt Recovery Bureau states in their letter it has to go direct to them to save "significant delay processing through ourselves") Then they can whistle. Fair enough?
  4. My son was definately next of kin, his father had two brothers but we were told that the costs must be paid by my son. He was working at the time and we couldn't claim anything from the social fund etc.
  5. Hello to all! Please be gentle as this is my first post. My Childs father died in 2008 and he had to pay the funeral costs, (I have not been in a postion to be able to help with this) He agreed to pay the costs over a period of time but with no set agreement, and has been paying as and when he can (the original debt was £1500 and the last letter I saw said the amount outstanding was £627) My son has been working away for some time and it was only the other day when a registered letter arrived that I opened any of his post. The letter is from a place called the Debt Recovery Bureau LLP and st
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