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  1. Hi, I have received a huge amount of information from Lloyds (SAR 14 August was their deadline) and now have a letter from CSL (DCM - 21 August) asking for a payment and repayment proposal within 7 days to avoid action. I had written to Lloyds (as advised earlier in this thread) stating that the dispute with the original DCM had not been resolved (...you are violation of the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 in line with the Office Of Fair Trading Collection Guidelines) and that I would take legal action (against Lloyds). How do I respond to CS
  2. Hi, Cabot have sent me a 'standard' looking letter asking me to call them 'urgently' to discuss my account - ignore? Also, if an SAR is not completed in the time required what happens?
  3. Hi, I have had an acknowledgment regarding the SAR and personal info should arrive by 13th August. The last a of the letter reads; 'I have requested information on your accounts as requested, kindly note I have NOT requested duplicate bank statements, if you require these please let me know'. These are exactly what I require so I will write to request them.. . is there a 'formal' letter I need to send? Cabot have also sent what appears to be a standard letter 'Repaying Your Account'... pretty much like starting the whole process again. Any action to t
  4. I feel sure that the agreement was pre April 2007 but will check... what should I do next? have sent a SAR... will that delay Cabot?
  5. Hi... had a reply from cabot which says that as far as they are concerned the copy they have is 'legible enough' for their purposes and they 'recommend I contact the original lender directly to obtain the same'. Cabot says they have complied with the CCA request and the account is now with their collections team and and they 'reserve the right to escalate the account within our collections process, which may include legal action'. Finally they say that 'under the terms of our Complaints Procedure this is our final response' and if i remain dissatisfied I can refer my comp
  6. Hi, I have a reply that states: "Our position remains unchanged.You have been supplied with all relevant documentation to comply with Consumer Credit Regulations 1983 and therefore complies with the obligations set out in section [77-78] of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Consumer Assurance Department will not enter into any further correspondence with regard to this matter as we as w have continually responded to the issues you have raised. We require you to contact our Collection Dept to arrange a repayment plan. Failing which, your account will be escalated to our collection process.
  7. Hi, I have had a reply in which they say the reconstituted version is clear and acceptable. Naturally I disagree... Is there a response letter I can send?
  8. Is there a set letter I can use?
  9. Having sent Cabot an account in disputed letter and 12+2+30 day letter they have sent 'proof' of the debt - a reconstituted true copy of my credit agreement. It is barely legible... is this acceptable proof?
  10. Tanks for your help with this. We wrote to the court, solicitor and NRAM (letters they got on the day of the hearing) complaining about NRAM and the way they have handled our situation. We heard nothing for a while and then got a letter from NRAM saying they are dealing with our 'complaint'. So I guess nothing happened at court.
  11. Shuld I reply to the court and explain the situation in an attempt to stop the charge? Also had letters from the Land Registry asking for consent.
  12. HiThey asked for a charging orderin February and the case will be heard next week. We only got notice of this 3 weeks ago because their solicitor wrote to my old (temporary) address in the south, the case is heard in London. I have lived in the north for the last 2.5 years and NRAM know this as I have written to them from my home address.I signed a Tobin (?) agreement to pay £10 per month but stopped. Does this mean we will have to sell?Our mortage is also with NRAM and in arrears which we are managing to pay.
  13. forgot to say... joint name mortgage, no CCJ.
  14. Thanks for the replies... apols for not getting back as I don't have easy internet access.I have looked at my paperwork and see that I disputed the amount owed but did get it reduced because of a PPI repayment from them. I asked for a loan repayment book/slips but did not receive them so I let things slip (sadly, easy to do in my current predicament).If I offer to start repayments and meet the arrears could they stop this action? I don't want my wife to lose her home.
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